Actually めちゃいけ (MechaIke) was interesting to watch, Stocking Hunt and Pedigree by Komori

  October 6, 2012

Actually I cracked myself up for the first time in a long time.

Kashiwagi Yuki = Mario…. lol

What is this… lol

There're so many Ero stuffs. Espesically Kenkyusei

But Komori owned it after all by her Pedigree (HHH's special hold)

↑I totally agree. AKB has a good talent! She should appear in more TV shows!!

When Kuramochi bited Kato's ear, My dad said “lol she is insane.”

LOL'd at Paruru's full power kick.

It's nice that everyone was treated equally.
I think Komori, Mochikura and Paruru are recognized so widely.

Paruru's K-Taro was also nice. Every Ota knows that she likes K-taro, but I guess many people don't know about this~.
Q. Who Is your favorite actress?
Paruru: Radio personality, K-taro is wearing a mask and…

Who was that girl in KKS positioned in the right to Center, dancing with such a sharp movement!!

↑I think it's Natori (or Morikawa), but among all KKS who appeared today, Aigasa is the best dancer and standing out the most.

↑Sure, she was left to the center.

What great about today's show is for the first time, we could see plenty of Pro Westling stuffs of Komori and Kuramochi, who shared the same passion for the pro westling.

Kojiharu's PONTE will be appreciated by Soccer Ota lol
Q. What is the name of American President?
Kojiharu. Uhmmmm
Kato. Kojiharu, Pon tte Ittyatte! (Pop out the answer!)
Kojiharu. (Pon tte? oh yeah!) PONTE!!

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  1. Ted says:

    WTF!? 0_o

  2. moofuq says:

    I laughed then I was like, “dafuq”, then laughed, then “oh what a shit show”, then I laughed again… 😀
    What time did they air this? what if kids saw this??

  3. anon says:

    Black Pantsu…

  4. loneshotty says:

    Ahh this was a pretty good show. Lots of funny stuff. All the AKB girls looked extremely pretty. Paruru is just so cute. Also nice to see Komori on something.

  5. random says:

    Ahaha this kinda remind me of idol training in 0048

  6. mchan1 says:

    Physically taking down the AKB girls…. FTW 🙂

    Someone post the show so we can watch!

  7. kevin says:

    OMG!!! my idol.. let me 1 on 1 with that guy.. >.<
    thx god mayuyu not join… 🙂