Former HKT48 member Komori Yui to resume her activity

  September 30, 2012

Akimoto 9:20am 9/30

I will go to attend the press conference at Shimonoseki lifelong learning center as a MC on Sep 30.

This is the event where former HKT member Komori Yui and former HR Hoshino Seina to ask peopole to join and work with them for the new group.
I can't write any detail until the event finishes,
I think I can report it tomorrow or sometime later.
Please looking forward to it (*^▽^*)



So this means she will form a unit with Seinyan?

Oh she is a girl that Amina defended….

I think it's gonna be tough coz there's no decent talent agency in Yamaguchi pref…

Hope this Akimoto guy is not a scumbag.

So is a girl whose dad accused of AKB management that it was an unfair dismissal?


Without Uitan's revelation on Google Plus, we would never know what's the truth.

Thanks to Uitan, we could know there is something weird going on in HKT48, and it was an unfair dismissal for Uitan.

I wish the best luck for her.

Oh come on…. this Akimoto guy has Nakanishi Ayaka in his circle

↑I would LOL if other former HKT members will show up at the event.

… yeah but he is not a producer of idol groups but…. just a radio DJ and

President of Akimoto Pharmacy plus representative director of welfare association in Yamaguchi… →

Shimonoseki city Lifelong learning center is called Dream Shp, which accommodates Culture Schools and Municipal library.

This is designed by renowned architect Mitsui Jun and completed in 2010.


Will this group be a enliven local commercial arcade type? or local revitalization type? or start-up company type like Nozomin?

I want her to grab a success this time…!!

Only 2 months after she stated that Sho-Biz is such a scaring world, she resumes her activity?

I guess it will have almost nothing to do with the dirty industry…

↑Once you've experienced the situation where you're praised by many people, treated like a princess, as many people just say “You're so cute”, “I love you” to her, it's hard to return to the normal life….. Even though she does realize the scaring reality of the shoz-biz, it's a kinda like addiction….

The other girl, Hoshino left her group on Sep 19th. Which means she made the decision to leave the group to create the new group, I think.

Anyway, if this is a positive restart for her, I want her not to talk much about HKT48,

She must be careful not to be a leaker of gossip, and just strive for her goal.



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