Suspended member Inuzuka Asana resumes her activities as a member of SKE48

  September 21, 2012

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SKE member Inuzuka Asana mistakenly sends a message to her boyfriend to fans through MOBAME service

SKE member Inuzuka Asana gets suspended from all her activities as a member of SKE

As expected of “compassionate” SKE

I think it was management’s mistake for using the word “suspend” on a member who is under investigation in the first place.
Why the heck she did she get suspended just because she sent a message accidentally…
It was too cruel….

Yeah~ If she is completely innocent, I feel sorry for her?

By the way, none of misunderstandings have been cleared up….

Why doesn’t she honestly admit when she did a mistake in clearly noticeable manner….

So they didn’t censor her message!?
Even if there was a censoring, I should say their checks were not thorough…
Though, there’s no censoring in Google Plus…

I don’t care whether she has a boyfriend or not, because after all, it’s a mere house rule that is only effective inside 48 group.
But I just think their explanation is quite insufficient and unreasonable for clearing up all the misunderstandings.

This time, it’s understandable that they weren’t hard on her because it’s not only her fault but also her manager’s mistake that they failed to detect this message…
If the management did their job properly, this wouldn’t happen in the first place…

Sure, that may be the reason.
But from now, will we warmly watch over her in the Kenkyusei stages?

Even if she did have a boyfriend, in that message, she meant to break up with him in order to focus on her job as an idol, so it was just proven that it is difficult to be an idol while one is in relationship. What’s the problem?

LOL You’re so positive.
But this is the idol group where being in relationship means she will be fired, isn’t it?

Let me say one thing. It’s probably there were bigger scandals that made this incident pretty marginal thing.
As for Wanchan Ota, probably she will have tough time for a while, but so please warmly support her.

It’s kinda lucky that the theater is now under construction.
When she will stand on the stage of SKE48 theater, most probably people would have forgotten about this accident.

How come this took so much time LOL
You can finish an investigation like this like within an hour.

After all, probably this is Yuasa’s compassionate decision to protect her from harsh words she would receive from Ota if she attended a 2 shot photo shoot or handshake events right after this incident….