SKE48 Furuhata Nao has become 2nd most popular member in team E soon after promotion

  September 6, 2012

10th Single “Kiss datte Hidarikiki, Theaer Version Sales”

Soon after promotion….? Awesome…

She sells unusually a lot.
I guess she will be competing for the no.3 position of SKE in 2 years.

She has been more popular than 3rd most popular member of team E back when she was still KKS.
Now she has been promoted and started getting more attention.

I have no idea who this girl is.
I think everyone agree with me when I say this girl is not recognized widely among AKB fans.
Which means she is ENORMOUSLY popular among fans of Sakae……

Sure, she is only known among SKE Ota, currently.
She hasn’t made any TV appearance in any of AKB’s shows,
she hasn’t been selected for Senbatsu yet.
So, it’s not because of promotional push from management but
because of tons of fans have passionately supported her.

Anyway, let me share pictures of team E’s top 2.

Furuhata-chan is awesome. You can never underestimate her. Now, we can even say she is very close to Kanon.
The scene I saw at the last handshake event was astounding….
It was a scene where a gross, fat guy was shaking hands with her….
Furuhata was jumping as she approached him.

Fat guy: Fu… Fu… Fu…. Furuhata-chan…. I…I… I’m a fan of you.
Furuhata: Thank you so much!! (with a broad smile)
Fat guy: …….
A moment of silence, Furuhata-chan leaned across the table and grabbed the handshake tickets (about 10 tickets) which were in a chest pocket of his shirt!
Furuhata: Who are you playing around with!?!? Please come to meet Nao, too!!
Fat guy: Yea…… Yes sir!!!!!!

She was jumping again as she was waving a goodbye….

If one can enjoy this much with only one handshake ticket, it’s understandable everyone wants to come to meet her again….

What’s amazing about her is that we can’t just laugh this episode off as if he is making things up. Because if it’s Furuhata who we’re talking about, this episode does sound true.


Kuwabara Mizuki 9/5 10:21pm

Sexy Battle ★2

Her charm point is HUSKY VOICE.


This is Ho… horible lol

I can’t find a single bit of sexiness from this photo!

…. Somehow, to my eyes, she looks like Yamazaki Hosei in “Gakino Tsukaiya arahende”……

Kuwabara Mizuki 9/5 10:22pm

Sexy Battle ★2

Her charm point is bruises on her left knee.


This just loos like stranded Katsuo (oceanic bonito) on a beach…..