HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka made fans amazed with her divinely beautiful looks

  September 21, 2012

Don’t you think there used to be some character like her in beat’em-up games?

Probably it’s Morrigan Aensland?

(Because she didn’t appear in live TV broadcasting) Man, look at the bright side, we think it’s good that she wan’t found by crazy people….

When meet in person, she is even cuter than in photos.
You may want to do Dogeza and ask her to stomp on you.

Who is this girl? How do you read her name?

She is Moriyasu Madoka
15 year-old
She was born in Nagasaki

I truly think she is a phenomenal talent.
If she is exposed to mainstream media, she will certainly become very popular.

This costume really suits her well.

Uhmm I don’t much about this girl but hasn’t she enjoyed that much promotion from management?

↑I also don’t know much about her,
but probably she is decently promoted as she can make an appearance in Weekly Playboy.

She is decently promoted.

Yeah I want to say this, but because she has been dismissed from Center in a unit song recently, so I can’t say for sure.

She is called HKT’s Three “Old Looking Face” Musketeers, but it’s not in a negative way, but actually a praise as she is that beautiful at the tender age of 15…!

She is not just begin beautiful but she has a sort of air of being luminous.

Surprisingly, she is as old as Sakura-tan who made it into Senbatsu for the first time!

I guess she will be an actress in the future.

Please appreciate her facial expression rather than dancing.
She has an eyes that gives you goosebumps a size of marshmallow.

I guess she herself is conscious about it.
Sure she is so expressive and sometimes makes me a sort of gasp.

you would be stunned if she gives you eye contact in the song performance of “Daisuki”
As that song makes members to keep eye contact with someone.

My mind was blown off when she stared at me during the performance of “Daisuki” at the theater…

As mosto f members in HKT got yellow cards as a sign of warning,
She seems like the most likely girl who received yellow card then.

According to the leak made by that guy who were acquaintance with the guys who involved in the incident,
Moriyasu is one of few members who actually didn’t get yellow cards.
Though there’s no way to prove it’s true.

It’s so regrettable that she couldn’t win one more match…
By the way, I heard she placed 2nd in national piano contest, right?
And she is extreme sadistic.
She looked so cute when she was wakeboarding in the TV program!

So she is the girl who was mentioned in the thread that choose “Looks Kami 7”

Moriyasu Madoka & Matsuoka Natsumi is HKT version’s NyanMari.

She is really stunningly beautiful
I went to see the theater performance in Hakata, and I can tell, if you ever watch her performance, you’ll have to struggle against temptation that you so badly want to Oshihen to her.

She is good looking, tall, has a great personality, and she is a pianist. We can’t complain about her.

The problem here is….. perhaps Yasusu won’t be interested in perfect girls like her.

I will go to meet her for the first time at handshake event next time…

I’m so nervous if I can talk to her normally….

↑ If you’re worried that you might come off like an oddball, you just gently and politely stare at her eyes without speaking anything other than greetings.

↑x2 She is like an angel both inwardly and outwardly, so you’re gonna be alright.

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