Japan Tour of Akanishi Jin Got Suspended Because of His Misbehavior

  March 25, 2012

It turned out that Janny’s Entertainment co, the supreme Japanese agency of boys pop-stars, canceled Akanishi Jin’s national arena concert tour which had scheduled in coming April and May.

Janny’s announced the statement, says “He severely violated the manner as a member of society”. They cited that Jin’s behavior has badly affected all people involved in the business on his wife’s side as they got married all of sudden, and besides she secretly got pregnant. On top of that, he even didn’t tell anything about his marriage, which was filed on 2th Feb, to his office, Janny’s before it leaked out through media.

Janny’s considered Jin’s behavior so unacceptable that they decided to make Jin compensates the loss of the cancellation of the tour. Fortunately, tickets are yet on sale but cost of cancelling already booked arenas will be paid from Jin’s pocket.

Akanishi Jin was a teen girl’s favorite pop-star in Japan several years ago, but since he made so much trouble for his office and people who were involved in his job, situation got tough and Japan has become no longer a comfortable place for him and he went out of Japan to seek career opportunity in U.S.

Now based in U.S, he just held nationwide tour in 5 cities of U.S from 9th to 15th this month, and Japan tour was considered to be the celebration of his success in U.S. from his Japanese fans. It was expected to draw about 70 thousands fans in 5 cities, and the timetable of the tour was scheduled to be announced around 9th Feb, which was exactly the time of his marriage was leaked.

(source: Yahoo Japan)