Furukawa Airi will guest the Anime TV show as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ota and 2 more!

  September 30, 2012



Shimada Rena 23:38

I'm on Montly Magazine ENTAME!
Please everyone check it out!

I'm in the magazine with Yui, Murak

ami and Natsumin (Takano Yui, Murakami Ayaka, Yamagishi Natsumi)

I'm in swimsuit ^^



I couldn't help but save this photo….

Say, Yamamoto, Yamada, Yagura, and Watanabe…

NMB members have such Ero girls…

Please include Riichan in the list.

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I LOL'd at the fact even fans comments on Google Plus are mostly about her boobs LOL

Oppai does justice for anything!!
No matter what kind of past she's had, Oppai can justify anything!!

I'm a bit resentful to this man who blagged about how her boos felt like on his arm…

Size, color, texture…
Everything balanced perfectly.
This is the ideal Oppai!!

So she was the girl whose kissing photo was leaked??

There's no rule to ban love relationship BEFORE girls join 48 group, and she once got suspended her membership, and made a comeback based on the fan poll.



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  1. Mario Medves says:

    It’s hard working with Seira near you in bikini.