Furukawa Airi revealed the inside of her skirt in a train and SKE is again treated like a trash

  September 14, 2012

※SKE’s 1st album and 10th single will both be released on Sep 19

I watched a commercial for a music album during Music Station for the first time….

It’s meant to be a commercial apologizing that SKE48 won’t appear in Music Station next week?

Next week, they won’t appear in Music station, for next week and next next week, Music Station won’t be aired due to other special programs will be aired in the same time slop.

↑ And the 1st week of Oct, SKE48 can’t appear in Music Station because the group will hold the 4th anniversary special theater stage.
For the 2nd week of Oct, they can’t appear in Music Station because of Request Hour Setlist Best 50.

Oct 5, Special theater stage to commemorate the 4th anniversary of SKE48’s theater debut
Oct 12, SKE48 Request Hour Setlist best 50 2012 Zepp Nagoya

And AKB will appear in Music Station’s 3 hours special Fall edition aired on Oct 5, along with Fukuyama Masaharu, Porno Graffiti, SexyZone, Arashi, etc…

And the thing is… this misery state of SKE48 has made SKE Ota more deeply dedicated to SKE48….

↑That’s a typical mindset of Japanese, Underdog Charm.

Is it only me that doesn’t find anything attractive from appearing in Music Station?

↑The only reason why I want them to join Music Station is….. because they want to appear in the show.

Though it doesn’t mean much for you, Music Station is a greatly special Music TV show for members…

They were insanely pleased when they heard they will join Music Station for the first time.
Why the hell can they not appear in the show at this timing….




Sep 5, 2012 on air
■Cast: Nakanishi Yuuka, Hiramatsu Kanako, Furukawa Airi

Q. Has something interesting happened to you lately ?

Furukawa: Though it was not like jam-packed, I got on a train that was decently crowded. I’m always standing face to face with windows in a train….. but at that time, there was a salaryman behind me.

Hiramatsu: Yeah

Furukawa:That man was holding a bag in his hands, and that bag was placed below my skirt.

Nakanishi: Well…. maybe I can guess what happened next…

Furukawa: I somehow noticed that his bag was below my skirt, but I didn’t much care about it. I was just standing in a train just normally.
But when the train was about to arrive at a station, the man pull up his bag suddenly but in a very neat manner.

Nakanishi: “Aha~”

Furukawa: “Then, of course, the back side of my skirt completely flipped up.”

Nakanishi: “That’s it!”

Hiramatsu: “Was that…. intentionally???”

Furukawa: “No… I mean…. I hope… I want to believe it want’t intentionally done…”

Nakanishi: “Okay so it was not deliberately done.”

Furukawa: “But, because it was a crowded train, people cast their gazes to what inside my skirt….. like crossfire of gazes. It was really… everything inside my skirt was unveiled…”

Nakanishi: “Everything~!!”

Hiramatsu: “Why I wan’t on the carriage of the same train?? I wanted to witness the sight!!”

Furukawa: “So…. because somehow it was so funny and surrealistic, I laughed a bit.”

Hiramatsu: “SKE member, Furukawa Airi, showed off her underpants in public!!”

Nakanishi: “LOL It was an accident, wasn’t it.”

Hiramatsu: “Yes sir. It’s not that she showed off by herself.”

Nakanishi: “If you laughed out loud, people might think ‘Is she having fun or feel ecstatic to show off her underpants in public??'”

Hiramastu: “But this episode relieved me so much! Because she hasn’t learned to feel good by being gazed by people….!”

Nakanishi: “Haha like ‘Oh… come on… People are staring at my underpants…. It feels so nice…..’?”

Furukawa: “Even if it’s me, I won’t go that far. So please be assured!!”

Nakanishi: “Even the Hentai doesn’t go that far, okay.”