1st JKT48 Official Guide Book published today! Will be sold out (again)?

  September 14, 2012

Hi, first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Suryananda Barfinsya, I am Indonesian and living in Jakarta. A true JKT48 fans (really? LOL). Starting today I will write  story specifically about JKT48, and this is my first post. Hope you like it  🙂

Today is the first day sales of 1st Official Guide Book JKT48! First sale on date 14 to 17 September 2012 is to go on JKT48 Theater, and special on this limited edition, buyer can get  the bonus a photo “love JKT48” and oshimen signature! Are you JKT48 Fans? jealous? LOL 😆
The book price is IDR 120K (about US$12)

1st Official Guide Book JKT48 contains JKT48 member activities in theater, tv shows, backstage, and friendship among members, complete with profiles of 24  members. This book consists of 132 pages

This is cover of “Love JKT48”, 1st JKT48 Official Guide Book

Cover of JKT48 Official Guide Book

This is the promotion board

JKT48 Official Guide Book promotion board

Let’s enlarge the image, there are words “We’re sorry if the book sold out” (Maaf kalau terjual habis ya!)Truly unique promotional phrase! Super trap! LOL

Maaf kalau terjual habis ya!

And this is atmosphere of queues purchase of books. The queues are really long…..
Might be this limited edition sold out in a day?

long queue...

JKT48 Fans are buy the sacred books!

Seeing that long queue, I was so worried this book would be ultimately hard to buy later. The same thing happened when the “HAI” Magazine special JKT48 edition published last August. Magazines with bonus JKT48 poster are sold out within a few days! Even I did not get the magazine! so sad … 😥
By the way, this is cover of that magazine

Nabilah, melody, Veranda, Frieska

and … this is the sacred books with the signature oshimen tickets!

Official Book and signature oshimen ticket

This book will be sold in bookstores starting September 24th 2012. JKT48 International Fans, you can go to Jakarta and bought the book later 🙂