NMB’s ‘OsakaZyubanSyoubu’ Ticktes Sold Out In A Flash

  April 20, 2012
I’m not gonna tell a lie, as a person originally from Kobe, Hyogo, NMB48 has a special meaning to me. Although the group holds their live-performance mostly  in Osaka area, as Yoshimoto Agency from Osaka now dominates Japanese Comedy scene, I believe NMB48 will reach nationwide audience and worldwide fans soon (or did they already??).
Last month NMB released their first official guidebook “NMB Completebook 2012”, and held shake-hands event to commemorate the release in Tokyo (and Osaka, of course), which 4 members of the group, Sayaka Yamamoto, Miyuki Watanabe, Aina Fukumoto, Kei Joenishi and Riho Kotani, attended.

Milky and Sayaka attended the same high-school which they graduated last month, and don’t forget to take notes, Milky’s favorite subject in school was English!! I haven’t confirmed how good she can speak it, but it may be her usual funny move (She always makes people smile with her intimate character), so I shouldn’t take that so seriously?
“NMB Complatebook 2012” comprises of everything about current NMB48, including introduction of all 66 members, history of the group, footage and report from their Singapore concert. The book was printed 50K copies for the first series of sale, and after all of them were sold out, 10K copies were printed for second series of sale. At the press conference Sayaka said “Not only 1st gen members but this book also covers 2nd, 3rd gen members and more details about us that we’ve never showed to fans before. Please check this out.”
Coming 9th May, they will release the summer tune, which in AkiP’s word is reminiscent of “Ponytail to Chuchu” or “Heavy Roration”. It’s almost a customary for AKB families to release summer tunes in May, which always come with MV in which our girls dressed in Bikini, dancing on the white beach of tropical islands. The incorporation of addictive hook of AKB and modern interpretation of 80’s idol songs, this song will never disappoint you even though you became their fan from their debut single, agressive dance tune “ZettaiKurokamiSyoujo”.
NMB is now touring around Osaka prefecture for their “OsakaZyubanSyobu”, which was named after the fomous pro-wrestling event in the past. This is also their first concert in Osaka other than in their home venue NMB48 Theatre Namba. In the first day of the concert, in front of choke-full of 1,100 audiences, 19th Apr, Sayaka Yamamoto, the captain of the group and former member of rock band, performed guitar solo of her solo number “Jungle Gym” which was surprised fans in pleasant way. Another surprise came at the beginning of encore, as curtain rolled up there were lines of NMB members equipped with musical instruments, they performed live-band performance of “GIVE ME FIVE!”, which is also the first time by NMB.