Milky Officially Changes Her Nickname to Waruky?

  April 20, 2012

First solo song by Miyuki Watanabe aka Milky from NMB48, Osaka-based idol group, will be the coupling for NMB’s 4th single “Nagi-Ichi”, which goes on sale on 9th May. Ahead of the release, Milky held an interview with Sanspo.

Nagi-Ichi stands for a shortened name for “Nagisade Ichiban Kwaii Onnna”. It may be somthing to do with Osaka people’s preference to shorten everything? For instance, “Umeda Kita” -> “UmeKita”, “America Mura” -> “AmeMura”, though I can’t grantee this was on AkiP’s mind *)

Waruky is also the shortened name of “Warui Milky”, which some fans online gave her as a prank, and AkiP picked it for the title of the song since his image of Milky is actually “devilish”, though he said this as a praise to describe er unique personality.

“Waruky is another face of me. I realized I have such a devilish aspect in my character that I’ve never noticed. Maybe I have 30% of Waruky in me. They just come up on their own.”

One part of the song “Waruky” sings literally devilish lyric “Take one sweet sigh, glance up you, I beg you, Waruky~”. On this part of the lyric, she told us “I can sympathize with this.” There’re also some internet buzz words in lyric, such as “Heart o tsuttemita~ (Reeling up a heart~)”.  As for the title of the song, her grandmother reacted to her “Good job Akimoto-sensei. Waruky is the highest prase for you. Cheers for AkiP,” through email. “This song fits my personality really well” she pleasantly said.

Following Sayaka Yamamoto, the captain of NMB, she is the 2nd member to sing solo number from NMB. She along with Sayaka has lead the group as 2-top since the forming of NMB, but last month it’s announced Milky also join team B of AKB48 concurrently with NMB. According to her, captain of team B Yukirin already started to call her “Waruky”.

“Right after the announcement in Mar, I was so surprised that I was unable to understand what was going on. Now I think I was presented a great opportunity. I want to absorb good points of great members. I want to be an stimulus for team B rather than being incorporated into the team. By the time I will come back to my home, NMB, I want to bloom flowers.(accomplish something meaningful)”
The day after the announcement, 24th Mar, she was in the circle of team B before the concert, taking the very first step as a member of AKB. Now she started being a fully active member of team B, aiming at a leap in the next election. Last year, despite huge expectation to be selected as Senbatsu, she ended up blow 40th rank. She shed tears on the stage.

“That tear was my sorry for fans. I felt so sorry for fans who have been supporting me so much. I do my best to be in Senbatsu members. My goal is being Japan’s No.1 idol, so I want to be as high as possible in the election.”
If she can appeal her alluring character to nationwide fans, she can be “Post-Acchan”. Looking at the summit of the Japan’s biggest idol group, Milky is Yaruky. (Yaruki: highly motivated) 
We also had AkiP’s commented on her solo number “Waruky”

“Before we announced her join to team B, I was thinking to let her sing her solo for the coupling to NMB’s next single. While I was thinking, collecting various kinds of songs, I found her un-official nickname ‘Waruky’ can be interesting. I think an origin of this name may be Warui Milky’, but nobody use this nickname to attack her. Even though everyone is somehow disgusted with her ‘Warui’ character, they can’t ingnoer her,  can’t help being attracted by her, and I found that is a charm of her.  People say this is ‘Masyou no Onna (Devilish woman). That’s why I wrote this lyric ‘Waruky’. Please enjoy ‘Waruky'”

Source Sanspo