LOL pictures of Yokoyama Yui (and 2 more about JKT48 and Suda Akari!!)

  September 13, 2012

Yuichan Kawaii….. Kawaii…. You’re so cute…..(*´ω`;*)

Yuichan Kawaii…. Kawaii….. Whoa!? Yuichan!?!?

Alright. now, I totally understand things you guys love.

Maybe you need a kind of photo like this???

YuiYagi! (Yokoyama Yui and Nagao Mariya, one the best couple in AKB48)


Where can I find Yagi~~~~ ??? (Yagi: Goat. You can watch Mariyagi eats papers in Majisuka 3. Coz it’S nickname of Nagao Mariya)

I think….. this is a dear or maybe a reindeeer…???



Shibuya Deep A

Yesterday, when our director had a meeting with SKE’s Ohya Masana-san and Suda Akari-san. And I heard he was astounded as Suda-san was casting a cute gaze at her all the time during the meeting. “Oh man…. this is the technique of the “Fisher”…….”

Da~Su~ Kawaii~~~

Masanori Enzo

I’m curious about what my Oshimen Ohya was like during the meeting…..

I heard because Ohya-san is not good at heart-pounding romantic acting, she looked nervous….

Masana…… When you already get nervous at the meeting, then what will happen in the real filming? I’ve started being worried about you…

If her partner this time were Airin (Furukawa Airi) or Gomatan (Ogiso Shiori), she might be able to expect them to support her. But it’s unlikely that Da~Su~ can offer support to her…..
Anyway, I just hope any severe accident won’t happen in the filming.

Da~Su~…. Please ask em to cast SKE48 in the year end grand music show, Kohaku Utagassen (The original one, not AKB Kohaku)….



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