Nyanchuu look akile pictures of Yokoyama Yui aka Niro~ni

  July 18, 2012
I share, therefore I am.

What! Just an ordinary Angel?

I LOL’d at Nyanchuu doll sold at Not yet’s event.
“Raise your hand in a way that I can easily notice!”

I have a feeling that this thread is going to be awesome.

(*´ω`*)Too cute! LOL


Nyan + Chuu

This is a brilliant thread!

What an awesome thread….(*へω`*)

Too cute…
I personally prefer short-haired girls, but Yui-chan with long hair is indeed cute!

How about this?

what a nice and calming aura…

Okay so this is a thread that we eojoy a library of the thread starter!! 
I’m counting on you!

Note: All photos on this thread are uploaded by one person except the one she is in Neavy Rotaion’s Nek-Mimi costume

↑What is this??? lol
↑ Probably this is from wonderland, I think?

What the…

She’s not my No.1 Oshi, but when she laughs she’s absolutely the cutest!
The gap between her regular faces, that are kinda cold/blunt/curt, and her smiles makes her all the cuter. Her laugh is cute, as well.

Yuihan laughs like “Hyahahahahahaha” with that cute smile, and that’s undeniably cute

Good job! She is so cute, after all(。・ω・。)
She was cute when she was being Happousai Oshi in Yonpara, as well.

She is too cute!!

When Yuichan smile like Nyanchu, it brings me enormous happiness.

I shared enough Nyanchu pictures of  Yuihan with you guys!! I’m content with it, thanks!
I somewhat seriously think when everyone sees her Nyanchu-line (dimple like line on her cheeks), we can eradicate wars. Good night!

↑ Thank you

↑x2 Oh-kini(*´ω`*)

↑x3 Good job~~~~ It was nice such a heartwarming thread( *`ω´)

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