MV of Mayuzaka 46 ”Twin tail ha Moushinai” turned out to be godly

  July 17, 2012

“Twin tail ha moushinai” by Mayuzaka46

There was a time that AKB used to make such brilliant MVs….

Both Mayu and Nogizaka are cute… They are so brilliant…

It’s a good collaboration. Kinda like Watanabe Mayu feat. Nogizaka46? It’s nice and everyone is cute.

I think Gingham Check should be sung by these members.

A standard idol style MV.
I think this kind of style is the best.

As there are many Mayuyu Oshi among the creators,
They really put effort on the MVs that feature Mayuyu.
It’s fun to watch and makes me want to watch it over and over again.

Personally I liked Choudai Darling! and Korekara Wonderland better.

Yeah Mayuyu was divinely cute in Choudai Darling!
That retro style polka dotted black one piece dress really suited her.

As a Nogizaka Oshi, I like this MV better than Hashire Bicycle as I can see the faces of the members much clearer here.
The mood of Mayuyu and Nogizaka are completely compatible with each other, making this a Kami-MV (Godly-MV)!!

I thought they were rivals……

At this point, I don’t care about the rivalry.
Cuteness can justify anything…

source, Translated and edited by Bryansate, Christine and Tommy