Don’t Underestimate Mayuyu, She Is Da Boss!

  April 30, 2012

This program is filmed in before February this year, so I think you may feel what she was thinking as she made her comments.

Mayuyu “Now I’m starring a TV Drama (Saba-Dol) and members of Nogizaka46 thankfully made appearance in it. That’s the first time we met each other, and I was like ‘What cute girls are they!!’.”
Nogizaka members “non non non non (humbling)”
Mayuyu “They are so cute and all of them are nice girls… I’m now a fan of them!”
Nogizaka “It’s surprising but we’re so happy to hear that!!!!”
Host “(asking to Noguzaka members) What’s the biggest difference between Nogizaka and AKB? What’s the biggest appeal of Nogizaka?”
Sayuri “(with Kansai-dialect) I think we have no concept.”
Kazumi “(in super humbled tone) because we don’t have our exclusive theatre, we want to your around small theaters of many cities and towns.”
Ikoma-tan “I think having no concept allows us to challenge a wide range of things.”
Host “But you can’t expect what will come if you don’t have a firm concept!?”
Sayuri “But that is gonna be interesting.”
Host “Mayu-chan, what Nogizaka46 means to you? Do you feel rivalry?
Mayuyu “Rivarly? No…. (Thinking for a moment) yes they are very cute and have momentum, I think their existence is a good stimulus to those AKB members who don’t have serious attitude.”
“With this kind of group, we can grow each other, enhance each other, I am grateful for them to be here with us.”
(After Nogizaka’s live performance)
Host “(To audience) How was that?”
“So everyone has a number on their name, I am thinking to do the same. The name of my band is Access. So how about Access44?”
Mayuyu “Will you have 44 members?”
Host “No because I’m 44 y/o.”
Mayuyu “Oh that’s your age!! I got it.”
Host “Put aside a cheap joke, so you are co-starring with them.”
Mayuyu “(Repeating what she said)… They are so Kawaii that I feel sorry for you standing here.”
Fans “Noooooo”
Mayuyu “As I was watching their performance from the back of audience area, I was like (start performing Nogizaka’s song). So I did choreograph copy of them. I was so healed by their charm.”
Host “Haha like you said minutes before ‘feel like their father'”
Mayuyu “yes I felt like being their father. Like 44 y/o.”
Host “LoL”

Looking back, the time this recording was filmed is not so distant from the scandal of Nacchan (Natsumi Hirashima: former team B) was revealed. Though she didn’t name who she was talking about when she said ‘Not Seriou Attitude’, AkiP also stated a similar sentiment to this retired member, which was more of anger than sadness.
Those who know Mayuyu a lot said she was really frustrated by Nacchan violating the rule of AKB, love prohibition. She was actually a good friend of Nacchan, which all the more made Mayuyu’s feeling strong.
Some fans also mentioned it’s this professional attitude of Mayuyu which made Yuko completely trust Mayuyu.
Yuko is being a core of professionalism in AKB and openly criticizes those who don’t try their best. Below pictures show the scene she was talking about junior members.

“Until about 7gen, members join AKB to realize their own dreams, but after 8gen, some have a misthougut that their dream is to join AKB. Then I don’t think they can keep the same level of rivalry and motivation we have had.”
While this video shows Mayuyu’s professional aspect as an idol, this also shows Mayuyu can actually talk fine in TV show! She can make funny and witty comments, though it may be because this Host is very gentle to Mayuyu that it’s relaxing mood for her.
But once again I understand why this girl is chosen as a next center of AKB. She looks fragile and shy, but in real, she is very competitive and professionally minded! She never begs sympathy, never makes negative comments but always serious about what she is taking on in her life as an professional idol.