SASHIBINGO, Mayuyu Grabs Yuko’s Booty, Nogizaka46 Oideyo Shampoo Making Video

  April 28, 2012

Today’s Hot Topic on AKB
1. AKBINGO 2th May On-Air
2. Mayuyu grabs Yuko’s booty!
3. Nogizaka46 Oideyo Shampoo Making Video

2th May On-Air Of AKBINGO

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Feature: Live-Broadcasting for commemorating Sashiko’s solo debut! What if she lose to Nigizaka46!? Real-time reporting of oricon daily chart! Cheering message from idols who join Yubi-Matsuri!!!
Cast: Sashiko, Badboyz(comedian), Dacho Club (comdian)

Sashiko Just Trying Her Best To Seize The Win
There’s Not Much Anti Sashiko Sentiment Among Momo…

Mayuyu Firmly Grabs Yuko’s Booty!

Yuko is commonly called Oshiriko-san for her glamorous booty, which drew out tons of jealous from fans to Mayuy. Given the manner she touches (grabs) her hip, it’s obvious that Mayuyu is a recidivist! Some fans re-named Mayuyu’s nickname to Shiriri which basically means she’s now grown up to a great Hentai idol, who gains enormous respect from fans.

Fan Made Newspaper Featuring Exclusively Sae-tan

Though I already knew this news, I kept the report until today since there’s no images or videos for the news report. But thankfully, Sae-ota made this elaborate (parody) newspaper to announce the news!! This is suppoesed to be an extra issue of Sae paper…
“Around 5PM on 27th Apr, a pleasant news was delivered to the residents of Sae fans thread. News agencies announced Sae is going to be the PR face for Horse Racing Card Game ‘Owners’ Horse‘. This news brought colorful mood to the thread, which these days suffered from depopulation. The content of TV commerical hasn’t yet revealed, but expectation of we fans never stop getting bigger and bigger. Sae has been playing a MC role horse-racing news program ‘Nama-Uma’ since this January. Though initially she made her fans worrying about her poor knowledge on horse-racing, she has been enjoying high winning-rate in the program. This is a great promotion for her, who is not good at studying but is currently studying hard to learn about horse-racing. We can’t help but expecting she will leave a good result in ongoing JRA’s campaign ‘AKB Gachi-Uma’. As she’s expanding her activities to a wider field, we continue rooting for her  as Hentai-gentleman (<--this part is the creator's joke)."

Nogizaka46 Oideyo Shampoo Making Video

If you’re closely following this site, you’ve already noticed that AKB fans have nothing against Nogizaka, the official rival of AKB, but on the contrary they are rooting for them. Basically our love for idols are universal and never have limitation. Of course the reason of their affection for Nogizaka is not just about generic love for all idols but because this group is actually 超Kawaii and showing really nice performance!!

Making Video of “Oideyo Shampoo”
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超Kawawii!!!!!!! MV of couplings to Nogizaka46’s new single Oideyo Shampoo

This girl by the name of Sasyuri Matsumura captured my eyes and ears with her cute hairstyle and ,my dear Kansai-accent!!!
Current Shichifukujin and Senbatsu members for Oideyo Shampoo