Astonishingly Big Breakfast Acchan Eats Everyday

  May 3, 2012

As Atsuko Maeda started uploading photos of her breakfast one week ago, people are reacted that this is the secret of this small girl could continue to be the center of AKB48.

Of course it’s not something revealed recently but she intermittently uploads these photos from years ago.
These days, according to her blog, she is waking up early with Haruka Nakagawa and cook breakfast together. On 23th Apr, she wrote “I cooked this with Harugon~” and uploaded a photo of large, yes, large hotcake, which they started cooking from 5AM. Then on 25th Apr, she wrote “Today we have Japanese style breakfast. Akicha, Gon and me are cooking breakfast together almost everyday!” She has been uploading breakfast photos since then and now it’s about one week, but every breakfast has sheer amount of volume without exception.

Fans reacted to this with comments like, “I wanted to be born as your younger brother~” “You must be an amazing wife!” “It’s like what professional athletes have to keep their physical.”

By the way, yesterday, leftover of breakfast became Harugon’s lunch Bentoh, she wrote.

Source RBB today