I believe there is no border for our affection to Law Enforcement Themed Costume or Police Woman Costume in this world. That said I think no one would complain of this sheer amount of photos, which maybe gets your browser slow… I can’t believe there’re such a large number of photos of AKB in this type of costume. While some of them are from TV shows such as Akan-Keisatsu, some of them seem to be taken by fans themselves. So, please pay gratitude to those brave Otagraphers and enjoy mind-blowing amount of photos!!
From two channel’s AKB48 fan thread titled “Give Me Photos Of AKB Members In Police Woman Costume

Who are taking this photo???

I don’t know why but Mayuyu looks like a captain of a spaceship (battleship-type) rather than police woman.

Mayuyu always made our hearts..
I wish Iwould be one of them and suddenly beaten by Chuu….
Okaro(オカロ) in Blue police costume in casual salute pose = made our hearts candy-sweet
She is like a superstar of her local town!
Wow is this really an event held by police station?!? Such a lovely city town!
Uhmmmm the person who took these Kitarie’s photos are actually a good Otagrapher…
Finally he failed to focus Unatama..
Haachan posed perfectly!
Yuka in Red police costume = Win (for what? lol)
“Show me you car license. … so you live in Katsushika district…(flirtatious mood)” lol
Shiichan! What a Honorable salute!
This is…. wrong lol
Why he failed this 3-shot of Goddesses!?!? Are they so bright that he couldn’t see through finder??
Acchan… Your da best… Even your hand in salute pose looks trying to tell something significant for me..
 I promise this photo will be in my backup drive until I die!!!
 Yuko-san looks not so Yuko-san? Or another girl???
I understand this is for team K section but with Sashiko in this photo, it’s gonna be my dream team!!
Team K has such unique divas!!!
I love personification <- Even in Japanese I rarely encounter this word!!
If American use Uncle Sam to recruit army, Japan choose Acchan for the same purpose. No, it’s crazy stereotype for both lol I just want to say her salute pose, her smile, her everything is divine….
I know how you’re probably feeling now. Since this last photos of Acchan have such a great impact you almost forgot every other police photos before….  I don’t have words to describe this…. just….. I once again realized time will pass, and people come and go as scenery remains the same…