[ Light Post ] Matsui Rena’s Lolicon Spree

  July 8, 2013

Over the a span of few weeks, we have been witnessing some suspicious behaviours from some members of SKE48 who show favoritism towards the lolis or young cute girls. In other words, they’re “Lolicons”. So two members of our team decided to make a small wrapup post of what has happened in the past few days regarding this behaviour, in this SKE48 lolicon wrapup post.

In the midst it all is Matsui Rena. Showing amazing favoritism towards cute girls, Rena’s visit to HKT theater on June 22nd after MV shooting seemed to make her hyper.

Here are some of Rena’s antics, taken only from her G+ (though she also expressed her love to cute girls in her blogs but that will make this a really long post). Below was her posts that we managed to compile.

Matsui Rena 6/22 11:29




Matsui Rena 6/22 11:22

A junior high schooler is pointing at junior high schooler seeeeaaaaatttt!!!!!!!!


Matsui Rena 6/22 11:31


A genuine handshake done under the glare from the theater manager!


The above post earn this reaction from fans:

“There is danger both behind and in front of Merutan.”

Of course, cute girls aren’t merely in HKT48.

Matsui Rena 6/22 13:30

There are also a LOT of cute girls in my group too, you know!!

Nonchan so white! So cute!


Matsui Rena 6/22

I still can’t put the photos of our group’s cute girls that I want to show you as it still isn’t allowed yet!

They are so cute they’ll send you flying!

Matsui Rena 6/23 12:38

Arisa-chan so CUTE!
Miyamae Doooo~N!
Harutamu so CUTE!

Ami-chan is so close to the camera (lol)




Matsui Rena 6/25 23:18



Matsui Rena 6/27 8:41

Today I may or may not give you an important announcement, may try to stir you up, or may try to post some cute girls.




Takeuchi Mai 6/27 8:45

This is so healing
Matsui Rena June 28 12:12

No matter where I am in this world, within my heart I will always monopolize the cute girls.

So cute, No?

27 - 1 (3)


Matsui Rena 6/28 12:18

There are many cute girls over here too.
Matsui Rena 6/28 12:19

What is within your heart is important.
Matsui Rena 6/30 19:45

I want to hurry and meet the cute girls.

Everyone, all of you feels the same don’t you?

30 - 1 (1)

Matsui Rena 6/30 19:47

While the S members are trying their hardest in the stage performance, this kind of post is so inappropriate of me…
Matsui Rena 6/30 19:48

Every single S member, thank your for your hard work!
Matsui Rena 07/03 16:23

Hey, hey, Rion is cute you knoooooww~

Meeting her again after a long time makes me high spirited!



Matsui Rena 07/06 1:23

A child and an adult who is playing around



Matsui Rena 07/06 1:46

And then, cute Manatsu


Matsui Rena 07/06 1:48

Explosion of cuteness
Matsui Rena 07/06 1:48

During the handshake when Finland Miracle came into view, thoughts ceased to exist.
Matsui Rena 07/06 1:49

In Ongaku no Hi’s Utsukushii Inazuma, Manatsu was so cute that I kept chuckling to myself
Matsui Rena 07/06 1:52

And then, the spoiled Naochan
She came then sat on my lap



Matsui Rena 07/05 1:54

Since she suddenly came to me
my heart tightened
Matsui Rena 07/06 1:56

Since I don’t care about the senpai and kouhai relationship, when everyone came to me I feel so happy. When they suddenly say things like “un” without using formal language, on the contrary I feel happy.
Matsui Rena 07/06 1:57

My lap is exclusive only for cute girls

even if I do say so myself, I am the worst. (lol)

Matsui Rena 07/06 1:15

Uo! When I came to, the date has changed! I’m sorry I couldn’t update Ameba. Even though I really wanted to write about the costumes!!!!

As a form of apology, here for you some children playing! IMG_5277

In response to the last post, people of 2ch answered,

THEY AREN’T YOUR CHILDREN“This human is beyond help…”

Not only that, apparently Matsui Rena photographed another one of the most well-known Lolicon of SKE48, Ohya Masana.
If you do not remember her, maybe this picture will remind you of her Lolicon time.


Matsui Rena 07/04 01:03

This is Masana, who entangled herself while saying to Rumi, “Rumi is so cute!”

She did it so violently that the picture blurred


Matsui Rena 07/05 01:06

When I said, “Rumi-chan is cute, right?”, she suddenly turned cautious of me. (lol)

Masana-san is so cute.


Of course, we shall not forget Masana-san’s own love towards little kids as displayed in this picture. How happy she was interacting with this cute little girl.


Or maybe how she spied on sister group lolis.


Or maybe how she practically stood there watching over the children playground.


and the most recent report from the field, courtesy of Abiru Riho.

Abiru Riho 06/30 19:49

What’s wrong?

30 - 1 (2)


Deguchi Aki 06/30 20:08

This is bad.
Deguchi Aki 06/30 20:09

I will protect you
This lolicon bastard…

Well, Deguchi Aki certainly isn’t safe either. Our Matsui Rena also had a chance to comment in the next post.

Abiru Riho 06/30 19:51

Egochan, ruuuunnn!!!

30 - 1 (3)


Matsui Rena 06/30 20:43

This person is dangerous.

Not only with Masana, Matsui Rena also shared her love for the lolis with other members. For example other well-known lolicon Takeuchi Mai.

06 - 1

Matsui Rena wanted to show how much she was loved by cute girls to Mai.

Matsui Rena 07/04 9:12

Dedicating this to Maichan…

How bout that?!


Matsui Rena 7/4 9:13

I think Maichan and I are on the same wavelength
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:14

However, Yuuna is MY possesion!
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:14

I’m happy it is me by the cellphone wallpaper
Even if I didn’t win Janken, I was so happy…
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:15

Matsui Rena 7/4 9:17

Me and Maichan can really connect to each other
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:21

Yuuna is a girl with ambition that seriously tries with all her might
the sight of her sweating is also cute

And Takeuchi Mai received her message and reshared it with this comment:

Matsui Rena 7/4 9:58



This is so unfair, unfair, unfair!
but Yuzuki by the back is so cute too!!!



Takeuchi Mai 07/03 23:50

Also you know, today

I was finally
found by THAT person!


Also, also, thank you for the many comments!
I have read them all!



Takeuchi Mai 07/03 23:50


Someone in 2ch has kindly zoomed it for our convenience, in which it turns out like this:


For those of you who are concerned about this behaviour and would like to voice your thoughts and observations with pictures or comments, just drop down the comment section and tell us what you know!

Before we end this post, however, let us see what Rena has to say about this week’s Handshake that I am sure many of us can relate.

Matsui Rena 07/08 13:52

What is this paradise!



Source: (Matsui Rena Google+, Ohya Masana Google+, Abiru Riho Google +, Takeuchi Mai Google+, Matomenba)