[Light Post] SKE members version of Chibi Airin, Shingeki no Kyojin Fever, and 2 more!

  July 1, 2013

To melt the mood that has been stiffening lately, let us have another light post to light up the mood. It seems lately our sister group SKE48 was livened up by several happenings in their fandom.

I am sure we are all acquainted in one of the characters our Furukawa Airi of SKE48 has introduced to us all this time. If you are not, then let us say hi to Chibi Airin.


Chibi Airin has gotten quite some popularity lately that some members tried to draw it themselves.

Ohya Masana’s version was quite stunning.


And she even tried to draw Furukawa Airi, in which the picture practically earned praises from Furukawa Airi herself as she said it perfectly resembles her, especially the teeth part.13 - 1

Abiru Riho’s version of Chibi Airin is very recent and it comes in three different versions!

The normal, smiling one.


The happy one.

30 - 1 (3)

And, the angry one with Onigiri.

30 - 1

And some random member even drew Chibi Airin on the dressing room’s white board! (In which the real Chibi Airin got really shocked at)

30 - 1 (2)

Let us hope from now on too, Chibi Airin got more popularity. If you would like to see more of Chibi Airin, Furukawa Airi often posted 4 panel comic of Chibi Airin in her Ameblo updates in SKE48’s Ameblo or uploading them randomly in her Google Plus. Perhaps you can also show us your version of Chibi Airin? Or maybe you have more member’s version of Chibi Airin? We will be waiting for your comment!