AKB Maeda Atsuko ranked 10th in ”The most hated actress” ranking

  July 6, 2012

The most hated actresses ranking (by Shukan Bunshun, A survey 1500 people)
*1:沢尻エリカ Sawajiri Erika
*2:泉ピン子 Izumi Pinko
*3:小雪  Koyuki
*3:藤原紀香 Fujiwara Norika
*5:広末涼子 Hirosue Ryoko
*6:武井咲 Takei Saki
*7:米倉涼子 Yonekura Ryoko
*8:黒木瞳 Kuroki Hitomi
*9:仲間由紀恵 Nakama Yukie
10:久本雅美 Hisatomo Masami
10:前田敦子 Maeda Atsuko
11:宮崎あおい Miyazaki Aoi
12:剛力彩芽 Gouriki Ayame
12:上戸彩 Ueto Aya
15:山村紅葉 Yamamura Momiji

So she is recognized as an actress!?
LOL Why the hell does Kuroki Hitomi appear in this ranking!? That’s completely jealousy from old women!!

This is a symbolic implication that Acchan is becoming one of the most outstanding figure in this generation.

Nakama Yukie and Koyuki?? I would have never imagined to see  their names in this kind of ranking…
How long has Sawajiri continued her winning streak??
I’m perplexed when I saw the name of Hisamoto Masami in this ranking.

Maeda appeared in a lot of Drama and movies but she still doesn’t have something can be dubbed the representative work of her.
That’s because she started her career late and lags far behind from other actresses in terms of her acting, the quality of Drama or Movie work she appears in and popularity.
Atsukoa actually has had less opportunities to co-star with great talents and roles she can fit in.
The role she played in Kimiha Bokuda’s MV really matches her image so I kinda feel sad as they don’t make Drama or Movie version of the MV….
I’ve watched most of Dramas she appeared in, and I think Q10 can be the representative work of her.
Or I should say all Dramas she joined except Q10 are……. cr…..

I think it’s amazing that she ranked in the ranking of actresses!!!

Man… that’s exactly what I was thinking.
I was so impressed to see her name in this ranking…..
Yeah, I rather think this is great as she is listed in the same place with those big names!!
I saw the MV directed by Inudo Isshin, and had an impression that her acting is actually really good.
She played it in a very natural manner, and successfully conveys femininity of her.
Though she has left a lot to be desired in terms of reading lines.

I totally agree. We gotta consider this as a proof that people now consider her as an actress rather than an idol.
Look at the ranking. Except Fujiwara Norika and Hisamoto Masami, all people listed here are actually real actresses who have enjoyed successful careers!!
This is awesome!
She is recognized by the general public as an actress!!
And now her acting in Kueki Ressha is received fairly positively by those who work in movie industry and critics!!