Teaser of Kueki Ressha, Atsuko Maeda Co-Starring Movie Dropped

  April 26, 2012

Movie Adaption of 144th Akutagawa-Prize-Winning nobel Kueki Ressha will hit the screen on 14th July this summer.

Trailer (*longer than teaser on Youtube)

Having no friends, no girls, just to serve himself a cup of Sake, 19 y/o Kanta Kitamachi(Mirai Moriyama) is living day to day life just let himself goes with flow, making living from casual labor in the bottom of social pyramid.

He met new comer at his work place, Seiji Kusakabe(Kengo Takara), the first person he thought he can call his friend.

One day, Kanta fell in love with Yasuko Sakurai (Atsuko Maeda), a girl working at book store’s counter, and became friends with her thanks to Kusakabe’s help.

But what is being Friends… Having lived his life Clumsily, miserably, distortedly, but aspiring something, Kanta still continue his life of 19 y/o with the feeling of loss…

Director of this movie, Yamashita, talked “I had much freedom in the creation of this movie. After I finished casting, I found I could have gathered all of my favorite faces.” He firmly said “I can’t imagine this movie without any of these three faces.” On sensational casting of Atsuko Maeda, he explained “Moriyama-kun and Takara-kun are the guys who are actively engaged in movies, and I wanted to bring someone from different field to make chemistry, then I had Maeda-san in my mind. Even though she is a center of AKB48, I somehow felt she has a dark aura, and looks not belonging to any place.”

He continued to say “I think she intended to join the filming as an actress, but somehow I felt she gave off smell of idol, and that worked in good way for her acting. Besides, she also can be normal 20 y/o girl. I’m impressed by her concentration and ability to shift emotional gears. I think she can do other various types of roles.” As the director said, she will show us her unique existence in movie screens, which is similar to no other actresses or idols out there.

Source Eiga
Kueki Ressha official

In this video, Acchan’s cheerfully talking about her life during photoshooting session in Paris. Paris has been the place she wanted to visit at least once in a lifetime, she said before. Maybe colored her heart by colorful scenery of Paris, she looked so happy and cheerful, which surely makes everyone who watches this video smile.