Takamina Youtube Collection Apr 26 2012

  April 26, 2012
Takamina!! I hadn’t thought I’ve come to like you so much that I am even  jealous of Acchan (’ー‘)

Uploader’s commentary:  In the morning she start practicing earlier than anybody else, in the night she is the last to leave the training room. She is a captain or we should say mother of AKB48, who always cares about every members. She is also a humble hard working idol who gains everyone’s respect once they know who she is about.

Uploader’s commentary:  I collected her girly moment and put together them in this video.
By the way, a fan from other parts of the world left a comment on this video, which is now a top comment. Though we can’t fully communicate verbally, what he is trying to say is clearly conveyed to me.

Uploader’s commentary: Full-Body costume Kawaii!