Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

  July 6, 2012
Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

Won the second prize in the general election held last month,
Now become the forefront of “next generation” in both name and reality,
Watanabe Mayu aka Mayuyu.

Now all weekly magazines have ordered to writers to find scandal of this girl.
The only top member of AKB48 who has had no scandal whatsoever, how will her fate turn out to be???

Speaking of AKB48’s enemies, Shukan Bunshun and Shukan Shincho are the top2 weekly magazines who never give into the pressure from mainstream medias.
Among writers and freelance journalists work for the 2 magazines, there has been a common understanding that “The next target is Watanabe Mayu“.

One person who has closely watched the Japanese idol scene for a long time said “Despite AKB set a rule to prohibit from having love relationship or romance, there has been a lot of scandal of members reported so far. Though those scandals have never aired on mainstream media such as sports newspapers or TVs, we and Ota have a common understanding that the only Kami-7 member who has nothing to do with scandals is Watanabe Mayu.”

Certainly, if including rumors and suspicions, a lot of AKB members scandals, especially most of them are scandals involving men, have been reported.

Notable ones include, the fiery relationship between Oshima Yuko and Wentz Eiji, alleged relationship of Shinoda Mariko and the president of AKS where she was said to be his mistress, and the secret meeting of Itano Tomomi and EXILE’s Takahiro.

In the past, there have been members who were fired due to scandals.

Besides, last month, Bunshun revealed Sashihara Rino’s past relationship, which lead Sashihara, who has got intensive promotion since the end of last year, demoted to HKT48.

So now Watanabe is the only member those magazines have never reported her scandal.

“Of course, we’ve been frantically looking for her scandal.
But no matter how much we run through her history, no matter how intensively we try to disclose her secrets, we haven’t been able to find anything scandalous about hert.
Sure, if it’s Watanabe’s scandal, it must have a great value.
But we have almost come to the point where we believe that we may find nothing from her…”

As they ended up being forced to transfer Sashihara, whom they’ve put so much promotional effort, to HKT48 due to man-related scandal, it may be a clever choice to make Watanabe new Ace of AKB48.

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Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

Well said!! Mayuyu must be a center!!

The most reliable and safest brand in the world, Watanabe Mayuyu.

The most reliable and safest mother and daughter, MayuYukirin.

The list of AKB members who have been confirmed to be a virgin.

Maeda Atsuko… In “The Bikkuri Gyouten News”, she declared “I’ve never had a relationship .”

Watanabe…. She stated in “akb5400sec”, that “She is only interested in ‘2-dimensions'”

Takahashi Minami… She declared that she is a virgin in “Shibuya Deep A”.

Kojima haruka… She said, “I’ve never gave valentines’s chocolate to men who I like.”

Kashiwagi…. In Nikkansports, “I’ve never been in love.” She declared “Even they run after her 365 days, I’m confident that they’ll never find any scandals of me.”

Miyazawa… “I My first kiss was the one I did in Drama.”

Matsui Jurina… Confessed that, “I’ve even never had a date.” in “PS” on Chukyou TV.

Matsui Rena… Declared that she’s never had relationship in the interview with “Bomb”

Minegishi… Also made a remark in “Samma no Manma” that “Because I’ve never had a boyfriend, I can’t understand how nice it is to be with a boyfriend.”

Sashihara… She declared that “She has never had a boyfriend.” in “Hamachan ga!!”

Ohta Aika… Declared that she’s never dated a man, and said those who are under 45 can become a boyfriend of her.

Shimazaki… Declared that she’s never fallen in love during MC at the stage.

Komori… Confessed that she’s even never kissed in making footage of “AKB game”.

Fujie… Revealed that she’s never had relationship before on her blog.

Katayama… She said she hasn’t even had a first love in “Nemousu/Kami TV”

KK …Revealed that she’s never had relationship before on her blog.

Tanabe… She declared that she is a virgin on her blog

Mukaida Manatsu… She confessed that she’s never talked with boys at her school since she entered a high school in “MyoJo”.

Kimoto Kanon… Confessed that she’s even never had a first love in the interview with “Bomb”

Ohya Masana… After she joined a handshake event for the first time, she wrote on her blog, “She touched men’s hands for the first time.”

The only members who I can trust are,
Watanabe, Kashiwagi, W Matsui, Shimazaki, Mukaida, Kimoto and Ohya.

But Kashiwagi was revealed her loveletter to a man, she wrote before she joined AKB48.
I think it’s reported by Bunshun?

LOL She wrote it back when she was an elementary school kid.

Actually I think they’d better to dig her relationship with “Women” rather than “Men” if they want to find scandalous topics lol

This is why we call her a truly professional idol….
She pretty much embodies the concept of “Idol”!

I think Takamina and Yukirin are also safe and trustworthy choices.

As she says, she prefer 2D to 3D.
And because she has been hooked on Takarazuka, it’s obvious that she is not a kind person who easily feels love for men in 3D.

And basically she has had social phobia in the fisrt place,
that’s the reason she is not a kind of person who gets aggressive about men.
Besides, now she has got a tremendous tailwind as an idol so how come she would commit something that ruins her career?
Though she is now about the age that starts to get interested in men,
and if someone approaches her, she might easily get hooked,
But I believe she will brush it off with her professionalism as an idol.

LOL This article obviously suggests that there’s a suspicion about Yukirin, that hasn’t yet surfaced.
Don’t try to keep your eyes off from inconvenient things!

She is living such a simple life. What she does after she comes back home is to have a dinner with her mother.
There’s nothing suspicious in her life, and even  Sho-Biz writers get bored with searching for her scandal.

By the way being 18 year-old, Anime Ota and man-hater…… it sounds so strange and even scary…
This is a kind of person who I never want to be friends with….

Women who have Otaku-like quirks are more or less like her.
If she is Anime Ota and Takarazuka Ota, then it makes her all the more credible.

Watanabe is not that different from those newbie Ota… She doesn’t have a deep knowledge about Anime and never reads original Manga….

I guess she wants to read but can’t afford time…..
But I think she has made a great effort to increase her knowledge on Amine….

Mayuyu doesn’t read Manga. She is a natural born Anime Ota. 
But think about it, when you’re little, you don’t read comics that much but watch plenty of Anime, don’t you?
There’re tons of girls who’ve watched Sailor Moon but never read Manga.
And if you read Manga, you may complain about it’s Anime adaptation, like…. you may not like voices of actors, or they may cut off your favorite parts….
So being Manga Ota actually give you a lot of disadvantages as Anime Ota.

Don’t worry. I grantee you that Takamina,  Mayuyu, Yukirin, Jurina, Manatsu, Sakura-tan, Miichan and Harukyan will be virgins until around when they become 25.

Honestly speaking, Mayuyu is such a beautiful girl outside, but she is as that different from Ota like you inside.
She is picturing romance with her favorite 2D characters in her head, while in 3D world, she is still shy and not good at communicating with people.

Anyway, Mayuyu recently has been completely Takarazuka fan.
It’s a bit sad that she is no longer a Anime Ota, but still she has a long way to go to reach real men in 3D.

But… I sometimes feel that she sees top star of men’s role at Takarazuka as a man… I mean in a sexual way…..Because being hooked with girls who play men’s role partly means she may also be hooked with men.

But like there’s no real men who are just like men in 2D, there’s no real men who are just like Takarazuka’s top stars who play men’s role.
Anyway, she is not at all a lesbian, you know, she used to getting high with male Anime characters lol

Anyway, that’s exactly how we expect from her, “The safest and most trustworthy, Mayuyu-san.