Miyuki Watanabe: I Want to be a Rival Of Mayu Watanabe in team B

  May 31, 2012

“I don’t want to lose to senior members. I rather want to be an existence that can threaten their established positions.” “I want to be a rival of Mayu Watanabe-san so that when people talk about Watanabe, all people think of Miyuki Watanabe.” “I want to be No.1 idol.”

Milky (Miyuki Watanabe) is a girl who has gained tremendous momentum these months as she along with Sayaka Yamamoto leading the rapid break through of NMB48. Don’t you think Milky will bring a revolution to AKB48 together with Jurina???

Absolutely yes! She never stop being hungry!!

So some people think her remark is too bold? And I have no idea why?
This remark rather increased my likability of her!!

This fighting spirit…. this is what AKB48 is lacking….

She can soon be 3rd most popular member in team B.
The point is whether she can be bigger than Mayuyu and Yukirin!!

So she doesn’t mention to Kashiwagi-chan??

She didn’t mention Yukirin. So she dont talk about “generation change” thing.
She is just talking about Watanabe.

No way… how coome this girl can be 3rd most popular….. as long as there’re Mayuyu, Kashiwagi, and Chikano!!

Don’t forget Mariyanne!!

Oh my…. this is so exciting!! I’m starting liking her!!

Why this spirit can’t be seen in AKB48???
I know this sounds like complaint… but if there’re no members like Milky, if there’s only AKB48, then this idol group would have already been over..!

That why team 4 members are often said to be spoiled or soft.
I want to see Milky takes over AKB48!!! And… it’s likely to happen!!

So team B will enter the era of W-Watanabe

She has every right to make this remark. She is already popular and top members of team B if she joins the team right now, while her popularity still has a huge room to increase!!

Jurina, Rena, Sayanee and Milky, these girls from SKE48 and NMB48 openly express that they believe their team can be bigger than AKB48 and it’s top members.
Why we can’t see this level of guts in (most of) team 4 members and KKS???

So Milky is No.? in team B in the early result?


I think there’s a major gap between Milky and other top members in terms of popularity, so I don’t think what she says would be possible… but she is free to speak what she wants, so…. good luck!

Yukirin, Mayuyu, Kitarie, Kasai, Milky….

Come on… I don’t think Mikly looks pale when compared to other top team B members at all!!

This kind of enthusiasm is very important!!
We fans have been raising a chant of “Generation change!!”, but look at team 4 members… they don’t look like positive about “Generation change”!!

She is still behind Sayanee… is she a type of person who tens to go ahead of herself??

I love Milky’s glistening ambition….

(*) LOL Team B is so looked down by this girl~~~!

(in reply to *) Good job AkiP!!

Come on, don’t stop your big mouth Milky!! Stir up AKB48!!

I think it’s not about “branch office” thing. There’s no other members like Milky in SKE and NMB.

It’s quite likely that she and Mayuyu will be “double center” of team B.
Everyone becomes fan of Milky once they saw her.

Actually she stands out the most in MV of Manastsu.
She is even erasing other 超Senbatsu members….
As for team 4 members…. they are just there…. but leave no impression.

But Mayuyu has gained huge popularity without being a Kiss ass…
While Milky has built up her fan base by attracting her fans hooked with her by flirting G+ posts everyday….

“Ero” is mere a beginning.
The essence of Milky is not about flirting or Ero.
Even she is that aggressive, many people can’t help but being attached to her.
Don’t you think this is similar to Some of 超Senbatsu members who are at 1st or 2nd in the election??
Kasai has already fallen under Milky’s spell.
She is rather a person who is talented in attracting people than just being a flirter.

I think Yukirin is the most similar type of person to Milky.
Shake-Hands event, Oppai…and their passion for idols…
Except Milky is not a good singer….lol

I want Milky to steal Yukirin from Mayuyu, and want to see Mayuyu going mad !!

Anyway…. the reason she can speak out in such challenging tone is…
because she got a backing of AkiP.
It’s AkiP who wanted her in team B in the first place.

I appreciate her determination, but her manner to attract fans will sooner or later draw bashing, I guess….

Waruky…. It rather a compliment that you expect she will get tons of Anti.

I’ve never thought this girls is cute. I think she is not a type of team B Oshi….

Basically Mayuyu and Yukirin Oshi loves orthodox idols.
For them,  it’s difficult to understand Milky is an idol.
Milky goes too far with her “flirting” or “Ero”.

Anyway, Milky is no match for Chuu and Kitarie. She will soon be No.3 in team B.

Milky can be a savor of team B!! Destroy this lukewarm, comfortable state of team B!!
Be more ambitious!!

There’er many members who hate to lose.
Only difference between them and Milky is whether speaking out or not.
It’s not that speaking out her ambition itself is a honorable thing.
By the way, it doesn’t make sense to say “I want to be someone’s rival” when she really think she can be a rival in the first place….
She is just a follower of Mayuyu in that sense….

I understand that you love abstract thinking.

You can draw attention by speaking out.
You can stand out by declaring that you are a rival of famous members.
This is her smart strategy to get recognized by many people!!
In Sho-Biz, what she is doing completely makes sense.

AkiP may be rather thinking that team B members should learn from Milky than Milky should learn from team B….lol

She has a really soft mood outside, but inside, she is ridiculously ambitious…
But she is also quick to make people off guard…
She joined team B’s pre-show circle the day after the announcement of her transfer to team B lol

I heard she talks to strangers when she walks in a city!!
Basically she likes interacting with other people, I guess.

Anyway, she will make team B debut soon.
That will be the starter of our discussion!

So Yukirin will have another daughter, right?