Sayaka Akimoto Completely Denies Shukan Bunshu’s Article

  May 30, 2012

“Receiving public assistance illegally” has been making Buzz recently in Japan, as one famous comedian who earns more than 500K USD a year has been accused of this.
Shukan Bunsyu, a gossip magazine, then wrote one article that says there’s a member (captain and raised in poor family) whose family has received public assistance.
I don’t translate this article, but what it says is exactly what Sayaka says in the following post. The only difference is she clearly denied Bunsyu’s claim that one member’s family (they are keeping her name anonymous) is receiving public assistance.

Sayaka on her blog

“Maybe not sound smart but this is a sincere story.”

I heard some people have rumored that the member whose family is receiving public assistance is likely to be Sayaka Akimoto. But there’s not record that Akimoto family has received public assistance.
I was asked from worrying staffs if this member is me…. but I can’t believe this kind of rumor arose in the first place…
I’d been doing multiple part time jobs at the same time.
When out of sight from managers, I secretly had some foods at the restaurants I’d worked for lol
Certainly my family was poorer than average family, but we’ve been filled with plenty of love.I’ve never thought this shameful.
This family has made who I am today.
These tough times made up who I am today.
And thanks to this, I can feel happiness from small things.

I’m happy…Yes, I am…

Actually, recently my mom got sick, and back then, my income was not sufficient to support my family… so we’d sometimes talked about public assistance.

I hope our minds, our lives can be as happy as possible.
I also hope I can be a good daughter….
I will work for myself and my family, and it’s what I’ve been doing until now.

Everyone, please don’t worry about me.

Sayaka Akimoto

Fans on 2channel’s Sayaka’s fan thread are unanimously reacting by praising her straight forward denial.

Finally Sayaka denied the rumor in her blog.
Sigh… I hate to make her worry on that crazy thing…
Really, I’ve come to completely hate these gossip magazines since I became a fan of AKB.

What a pathetic society… I hate this tendency to load young girls with cruelly heavy responsibility and lay the blame on the girls if they find any misdeeds.
But…. her answer to them broke this grim mood with refreshing breeze…!!

Her Blog. What a straight pitch!! I felt as if all poisonous substances had been blown off from my mind!!
Bunsyu is just a shit.
To commemorate this good feeling, I bought additional Manatsu no SG! on Yahoo auction.

Because Sayaka is a too nice girl…. (cry!!)

How come they could dare to write such a random article with no evidence????

Hey, you know what we can do for her?
Make her family’s refrigerator full of foods!! Let’s help her live a better life with her family!

I rather want writers of this article get arrested…

Oh…. I can’t say anything but Sayaka… don’t mind!
What the heck is this?
Anyway, she clearly denied this nasty rumor!

Don’t drag her down! She is diligently striving for her family.

Uhmm but this gossip magazine also has no choice but writing this scandalous article since they have to make their living from this job.
But… Sayaka… she could just ignore this rumor, but she chose to speak out in this straight forward way!! (I think this is obviously because this rumor involves her family.)
Sayaka…. I love you.. Sayakaaaaaaaa!!!
Hello Yahoo auction!

Hahaha after all this article ended up giving energy to Sayaka-Oshi to get firm determination to support her!!
Good job Bunsyu lol

It almost made me cry….. What a nice girl she is!!
I really respect her as a person.

So it was lie….
I once believed what this article says. Sayaka…. so sorry…
After reading this post, I’ve come to understand she is a nice girl, so I will vote for her…though it’s not that many votes.
I am looking forward to seeing her smile one week later….

“I was asked from worrying staffs if this member might be me”
Okaro was even suspected by staffs!?!?

All the people may think of her if they reads this article… (because it writes full of Sayaka’s episodes.)

It’s nice to deny this rumor before it gets bigger.
I can see frustrated faces of Anti-Sayaka lol