Forecast Of the Election Result For Sayaka Akimoto, Amina Satoh, Yuka Masuda, Asuka Kuramochi and Ayaka Umeda

  May 16, 2012

It’s been a long we since we last saw faces of 5 undertakers of AKB48, Sayaka Akimoto, Amina Satoh, Yuka Musuda, Asuka Kuramochi and Ayaka Umeda in Senbatsu. Of course Sayaka has a role as a captain of team K and she’d been starring afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo, which have made her rapidly recognized by general public. If we look at her not as a member of AKB, she’s been doing fine. But, though fans of these girls are relatively matured and understand the current situation of the girls as most of fans spend years with them, it’s not the happiest moment to see them ranked down in the upcoming election.

Looking back, in the last election, there’s only one member, Yui Yokoyama, who could go beyond some of these 5 stars among younger generation of AKB48. But there’re dozens of rising figures in other groups, especially in NMB48, the group which even hadn’t made their single debut at the time the last election, now sells over 300K for each single. It’s no brainer top 2 girls, Sayanee and Milky will be huge threats to the 5 girls. These NMB girls are at the same generation of 11gen (Kawaei, Shihori Suzuki…) and they are junior to Paruru, Haruu or Minarun…whichpretty much explain how NMB48 is rapidly building up their popularity lead by these 2 young centers.
From two channel “Let’s forecast the election result of Sayaka AKimoto, Amina Satoh, Yuka Masuda, Asuka Kuramochi and Ayaka Umeda”
I bet all of them will be undergirls….
Don’t you think it’s unlucky for them that Senbatsu has only 16 members this time…
You mean rebirth of Diva??”
It sounds not bad.
(All members of DiVA belong to Office48, which means they can’t have strong support from major agencies but it also means it’s unlikely that they will leave AKB48 soon.)

I think from the viewpoints of youngsters, they are like a wall standing in front of them before young members take on Kami members.
It’s gonna be so sad if that wall will fall down….
But it’s also sad that only Yuihan could have managed to place herself between these 5 girls last year.
If these 5 girls will be all in undergirls, then I expect hardcore dance tune which youngsters can’t keep up with.
If we just think normally, top 16 members will be
(skip) Miichan, Sae, Yuihan, KitaRie, Chuu, Akicha
If whoever of 5 girls could make herself in top16, it would be a huge surprise!!
Sae, Chuu, Akicha, KitaRie are not secure at all.
If there’re members who rank down from top-16, they will be Chuu and Miichan.
Yuttan has gained popularity from last spring to summer, but it was also rapid that she lost that popularity….
(Yuka had a momentum around the time of last election, but after that she hasn’t been in Senbatsu and rarely make a TV appearance along with other star members. She has starred several Dramas and TV talks shows individually though.)
Senbatsu <- Always same faces, not interesting.
2nd group (Undergirls) <- The stage where the most aggressive competition will occur
3rd group (Nextgirls?) <- The stage where many surprise will happen
4th group (Futuregirls?) <- Nice to meet you

Needless to say, the most interesting group is gonna be 2nd!!
Music, Radio, Stage Drama, Comedy, Movie, Sports, Talk show… no matter what kind of job they take on, these 5 girls can manage it!
It’s up to how much SayaNee and Yuihan will manage to rank up.
There’s a possibility that 2nd group will be a professionally perfected group!!!
It’s gonna be a ultra solid 2nd group.
If they (<- their fans) try to overtake Chuu and Miichan, at least one of them can be in the top-16.
Of course there’ll be a fierce catch-up of Sayanee, but it’s also tough for her to be in the top-16.
The stronghold of Senbatsu, always same and dull.
I want Sayaka and Amina to threaten them.
Honestly I think only these 2 girls have possibilities to make it.

I know there’re fair amount of people who think the same, and if they actually vote for them, then it can be true!
But this also means we have no idea whose names will appear below these girls in the ranking.
Actually I can only make vague forecast below them like XX must be higher than XXth.
4 girls of Diva has been doing well, and the unit is doing well, too as members has started to have individual works outside AKB.
But I know these things will have little effect on the election result.
Don’t forget we forecast that Tomochin will place 3rd in the last election.
We tend to forecast members who’ve gotten promotion will also place in higher rank, but we can’t tell what the election will bring until the election day.
Judge from the results of the previous elections It’s really hard to go beyond these girls.
I think even Sayanee won’t make it.
I guess Sayaka-Ota see this election as the last one for Sayaka, so Sayaka will have more votes than you expect.
Yeah! And Sayaka is really strong when it comes to votes!
This year’s Request hour is a good example!!!
(Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Iiwakae Maybe, Kurukurupa~, Mushi no Ballad(solo)… )
Members who will overtake them are Yuihan and Sayanee,
and members who will place between the 5 girls are Harugon and Milky??

And the ranking below these girls will be occupied with SKE members such as Suda, Sawako, Kuumin and Kogiso… they will form a long string of SKE around 25th to 30th.
*I’m bored with these faces…
Because of these girls, young members and team 4 can’t have a chance to shine….
They are old already, please graduate soon!

But despite those young members and team 4 men have enjoyed much more promotion than these 5 girls, the reality is they couldn’t have yet to caught up with thr 5 girls.
How can you get bored with them??? They haven’t joined in any of main activities of AKB48!!
They had a really miserable treatment for the new single…
I’ve encountered a lot of these crazy remarks (*) but have you searched their real ages?
They are only older by one or two years than younger girls.
I want to see the real potential of Sayaka and Amina.
Everything gets solid with these 2 girls!!
Senbatsu has been really soft and Maeda’s leave will be not enough for them to change their attitude!
Whatever we say, middle-class members of AKB48 are also solid. Harugon, Shiichan, Lovetan and Nifuji…. and 7gen men (Wasamin, Komorin, Suuchan, Mariya Suzuki, MaeAmi, Sakiko).
Because veteran members have supports from veteran fans.

It seems team 4 Ota, or I should say 9gen Ota don’t put efforts on the election.
Why?? I’ve seen a lot of Ota of them in underground  (<-underground idol section of two channel)
Holy cow!! Even though it can be easily predicted that Amina will never be Senbatsu except election singles, you still try the bet?
It would rather make her miserable…
I can’t understand why you think it makes her miserable at all.
Because the election and Janken are the only chance for them tobe Senbatsu, and the election is the only occasion for us to show our support for her, why not we try our best? 
LOL You pretty much explain the reason in your commetns!
We put our best efforts on the election because it’s the only chance for our girls to be Senbatsu.

But even though she’s been selected for Senbatsu, they will still continue to be poorly treated, and you are happy with that?
Because of the reason you just wrote, I think supporting them to be Senbatsu member in the election is our little resistance to the attitude of the management.
And… last year they could attend the stage of record Taisyo (for their election single Flying Get, which Sayaka and Amina were Senbatsu members) and we really felt rewarded.
Of course I’m happy.
Just the fact that there’s a position and costume for my Oshi-men makes me so happy.

I guess 4 men Ota (team 4 members’ fans) are relatively young, so they can’t buy tons of records?
I can’t help you guys since my Oshi-men is at a crucial point of her career, but I really hope at least 2 of the 5 girls will become Senbatsu members.
Don’t you think we haven’t seen Okaro in variety TV shows lately?
I think she’s been in movies or stage Dramas or something like that.
She’s been Princess Ann in the stage play (of Roman Holiday)!!! lol

Basically these 5 girls have a wide range of skill set.
Honestly I think they are far better than some of Senbatsu members….
I think these 5 girls are one of the highlights of the election since it’s not easy to guess who their results will turn out.
Below Minegishi, it’s gonna be difficult to predict the ranking.
But Sayaka kept her 17th place in the last election despite the scandal, (<- Actually this scandal made her widely recognized by ordinary people) and she has engaged in bigger works.
Is it only me who think that Sayaka will overtake at least Chuu?
But what she has engaged in have nothing to do with AKB, so it’s difficult to say that will increase votes.
And likes of Churi (Akane Takayanagi), Sayanee, Chuu and Minegishi will concentrate on around 15th~20th…. It’s gonna be ridiculously tough race!!
Honestly I think there’s little chance for them to be Senbatsu…
But think about it! Under these girls, there’ll be hopeful new comers from SKE, NMB and team 4!
Even though their unit name will be undergilrs, it’s gonna be the most wonderful undergirls!!!
Hahaha 2nd group might be all SKE and NMB members except these 5 girls!!
Many people know Sayaka even though they don’t know much about AKB,
But no one knows Amina except AKB fans.
This year I think Okaro will go ahead of Amina.

Since Kasai won huge in horse racing, Chuu Ota will invest the spend the money they won for the election?
In addition, Kasai these day has made a lot of solo appearance on TV.
I’m gonna take a plunge after I checked the early results.
Okaro is the only person who can break the dull mode of this election!!!
She has a strong chance to beat upper class members (like Sae, Akicha or Jurina?), needless to say Chuu and Minegshi.
But I can’t predict where Yuihan goes.
My prediction.

17th Sayane (NMB)
18th Sayaka
19th Amina
20th Umechan
21th Mocchi
22th Yuka
23th Milky (NMB)
24th Churi (SKE)

I can’t think of any AKB48 members who can cut into these members.
Wait, if just look at these 8 members, it looks soooo awesome!!
Though I have no idea how many votes NMB memebers will have.
LOL it’s like Performance Senbatsu!!!
Will they do a serious dance number?

I have nothing against Sae, but even Sae what we’re talking about places the bottom in term of dancing and singing skill among DiVA members.
No one can deny that these members are more competent than (most of) Senbatsu members.
Becasue Sae is one of the most competent member in Senbatsu!!
So if all the 5 girls will be undergirls, plus Haachan, Moeno, then it’ll be like Yuri-gumi…!! Awesome!! But I don’t think it’ll ever be possible lol
I like Haachan but given the past results and the fact that Junjo Shugi was out of the raking in the last Request Hour, she doesn’t have much support from Ota…
I think so too….
Though the mood is that this year is gonna be the last chance for her…
Girls from SKE and NMB such as Sayanee, Waruky, Sawako, マキバオー/ Makibaoh (<- Churi?), Suda will rank up a little bit as well as Shiichan, making Warota members and 豚キムチ/ Buta Kimchi (<- Myao!?) will rank down a little bit…
(Though this comment is irrelevant to the topic, I added this because it7s the first for me to hear Churi is called Makibaoh and Myao is Buta Kimchi…lol)
I don’t think Shiichan will have a chance to rank up…

Possibility to rank in the top 16  (members who were below 16th last year)
Yuihan 100%
Amine 15%
Sayaka, Sayanee 10%
Mocchii 5%
How do you think?
I kinda feel Amina and Sayaka should be opposite, but overall it’s like this.
But in Yuihan fan thread, many people have been expressing negative thoughts.
How about Anime will place in 16th and Undergirls’ song will features Kasai, Akimoto, Masuda, Kuramochi and Umechan as front members!! It’ll be gorgeous!  Gon, Sayanee and Shuri will be back members.
If it’ll be true, then though the title track will certainly be popular among ordinary fans, the coupling by undergirls will be by far more appreciated by Ota fans.
It’s gonna be old team K…
(Old team K was reformed in Mar 2010, after team K wrapped up their 5th Stage 逆上がり / Sakaagari)
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