Use you imagination. That’s a key to fully enjoy AKB and and to enjoy your life to the fullest, too. Some Japanese fans are using their imagination to picture their own scene of coming 4th election (27th Single Senbatsu general election).
from two channel “this is the place you are living in the world of 3 days after election
I couldn’t imagine Sashiko ended up that place…. (She ranked down despite all the expectation from the world?)
Finally she got a miracle… (Who?)
Chuu was crying…. (Chuu is predicted to rank down according to sales stats of Manatsu no Sounds good! theatre version)
I couldn’t hep but crying for the outstanding comeback of Itano (Tomochin)…
Itano is too handsome!
It’s unbelievable that 25th place was tie and there’s no one for 26th place….
LOL It became retired number!?!? (26th place was taken by Nacchan (Natsumi Hirashima), former member of AKB (1gen) who retired the group due to scandal)
 I laughed so hard to have heard Ota’s chants “Nacchan~~~!”….
Why the heck Nyannyan(Kojiharu) always gets solid result…
She is such a boss that she once again only had prepared a comment for 10th place lol (In the reception speech of the previous election, where she ranked 6th, she said she only prepared a comment for 10th place.)
Oh come on, Jurina-Ota seems not breathing… (because he pictured Jurina ranked below top-16??)
I sense enormous mysterious power in Paruru’s rank, 19th.  (she got a tons of ‘organization’ votes? (such as from record label, her agency…))
I couldn’t imagine Yuko won with twice as many votes as 2nd… (It might be gonna be true….)
Let’s start discussion from figuring out why all Acchan’s votes went to Kana Kobayashi
Though I’m not her fan, I couldn’t help but cry when her name was called… ‘3rd place! team B, Kana Kobayashi!!!’
It’s just too amazing that whole Budo-Kan turned to be a leek field…. (This comment may be hard to understand but Kana Kobayashi is known for growing leeks in her home, and singing with a leek in her hand  for her solo number. BTW leeks in her home are called Minegishi (Miichan))
Finally I can feel easy after I confirmed Yuihan was in top-10.
I was laughing when some members who were 50’s or 60’s had really embarrassed faces.
I guess they were 40’s in the last election.
It was so funny that Jurina was forced to leave the venue when it turned 9PM. (Jurina is 15 y/o)
Sassy(Sashiko) is 3rd place!?!? AKB is over…
Oh come on G+ has been so depopulated after the election…. (cynical comment that some members were using G+ more often before the election than usual)
Come on who voted for JKT48…. (they are not participating in the election)
It’s so chaotic that only Kawaei-chan is a AKB48 member in 4G  (1st~16th places: 1G, 17~32th:2G, 33~48th: 3G, 49~64th: 4G
It was exactly the same as the leaked ranking…
Announcement of Mariko’s graduation is more shocking than the election result….
Acchan is aslo leaving… What AKB will be like after these enormous losses…..
Come on it’s so realistic that it’s hurting me…
At the announcement of 7th place, when it’s called team B…. I was like oh hell.. No.. Mayuyu is in 7th?
But when I heard “team B, Kana Kobayashi”, I was deadly happy as team B Ota…
This election will be the black history of AKB…. I by no means couldn’t expect Jurina and Rena did a grappling fight on the stage….
LOL AKB is not WWF.
All media attention was stolen by SMAP’s dissolution announcement…
I lost all hope in AKB fans when they chanted ‘Acchan! Acchan!’ when 1st place was announced…
So how will they do with those fans occupied the theatre hall to protest the election results???
I heard they are demanding to correct a fraud in the election in exchange to release hostages….
Maybe they’ll change the system into one vote for one person…
Yeah Chuu was crying for Happiness!
Rena-chan congratulation for 3rd place!!
Harukyan was updating her G+ a lot but she wasn’t rewarded…. sigh…
Nakayan was fiinally ranked in!! Tough she was in 49th, it’s better since she can be the center!!
What a scattered thread!! Due to the nature of the topic, everyone wrote completely irrelevant things to each other.
Because web-developers forgot to erase Acchan’s name from the list, it turned out everyone voted for Acchan, making her 1st place by a large lead… Is this a comedy?
Rena won the election and runners-up is SayaNee? Are AKB48 members are sleeping….?
LOL all of top-16 members are flat chested girls!!!
LOL SayaNee went beyond Sayaka!! I completely understand Ota prefer big boobs to small ones!
Sakiko(Sakiko Matsui) was in 20th place…. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days for enormous happiness…
1st Minegishi
2nd Kojiharu
3rd Mikapon (Komorin)
Come on this is not forecast thread!