Nogizaka Beat Sashiko By Decisive Lead For The First Day

  May 2, 2012

Actually today’s Oricon daily ranking is totally unexpected for me. I was prepared to the loss but really, I didn’t expect Sashiko would lose by double score lead..!

1. 111,222  Nogizaka46
2.  56.879  Rino Sashihara
3.  10,510  xxx

超Kawawii!!!!!!! MV of couplings to Nogizaka46’s new single Oideyo Shampoo
Sales figure of Nogizaka46’s 2nd single is outstanding, actually. It’s selling at the pace that it might exceed 200 thousands…..

Comparison chart to Nogizaka’s 1st single

Guruguru curtain  Oide Shampoo
12/2/22    12/5/2
M  —,—    —,—       
T  *84,905    111,222               
W  *13,782             
T  **9,254        
F  **7,373         
S  *10,901         
S  **7,524         
total  133,739           
week  136,309       
total  205,808

It maybe a disappoing loss but given the fact this is solo single, Sashiko is doing really well. Think about it, place yourself Sashiko-Ota’s position. What is the most important thing to you? Yes, it’s the upcoming election. Of course her solo debut single is important point of her career but given the enormous attention to the election from all over the world, this choice of releasing her first solo single 3 weeks before election was…. double-edged sword.
But… if you look at the number of the last election, it’s not so bad number. Since she only got 45 thousands votes, 57,000 is a great number, yeah she is doing really well, congratulation!!   ……sigh.

Comparison chart to Other members’ 1st Single

Mayuyu  Rino Sashihara      Acchan     Tomochin
M ***,*** ***,***
T *50,145 *56,879
W *23,987 ***,***
T *14,914 ***,***
F **8,325 ***,***
S **8,573 ***,***
S **8,142 ***,***
T 114,086 ***,***   164,054    approx 163,000

Conclusion:  No it’s too early to reach the conclusion!!!! Don’t underestimate AKB’s power!

Kojiharu: I’m going to buy Sashiko’s record.
Mariko: Yeah( *`ω´)八(бвб)Hang in there, Sashiko!!

Before these numbers were announced, AKB Ota are pretty friendly to Nogizaka’s concept of the official rival of AKB, but starting from furious Sashi-Ota, gradually Anti sentiment is spreading through whole AKB fans. That’s may be a tailwind for Sashiko for the rest of the week.
Also, this complete loss in this nation-widely advertised battle may do good for Sashiko’s Hetale character. Since….. as AkiP said, whenever given a chance, Sashiko always fail to grab it. That’s why AkiP and fans love her and it turned out to be also true to this battle. But of course, election is an exception. Even though her hetale character is widely appreciated among fans, who in the world want to see her sad tears in this election after losing the battle against Nogizaka!? In that sense, this loss will do Sashiko favor, both because she won’t get Anti who have been angry about promotion she’s gotten and Nogizaka46 fans may appreciate Sashiko for her help to promote Nogizaka, give them chance to make TV appearance.

P.S It’s not clear whether sales of theatre version, which is exclusively sold in MUMO is included in this or not. We have to wait to see until tomorrow.

Check out the battle between Sashiko and Nogizaka46 in iron cage with the commentaries by Yuko, Takamina and Acchan

Conclusion:  Nogizaka is becoming a real rival of AKB gradually but surely.

Don’t forget to check out Nogizaka46’s cute coupling to Oideyo Shampoo!

4 girls performing this song are called “Four Goddess”, Kazumi Takayama, Mai Shiraishi(Maimai), Sasyuri Matumura(Sayuringo) and Namami Hashimoto(Nanamin)
This girl (Sayuri Matsumura) is too cute….