Sashiko Just Trying Her Best To Seize The Win

  April 22, 2012
As Sashiko announced the biggest surprise yesterday that she will produce the Budo-Kan event showcasing collection of idols (titled Yubi-Matsuri), she made a surprise appearance at Momoiro-Clover Z’s concert at Yokohama arena.

According to Natalie,

Sashiko suddenly appeared Momoiro’s stage riding on stage elevator, as 11,000 fans are making noise of confusion. “I’m sorry~~~ Pardon me~~~ Sorry to interrupt you Momokuro-san~”, as usual of Sashiko, she keeps her low profile. “Could you do me a favor?” she started asking them to join Sashiko-produced idol event “1st Yubi-Matsuri” (25th June) at Nippon Budo-Kan.

Momo-Kuro welcomed her in their usual challenging manner. “Huh Sashiharaaaaa, you have a good grit!! If you can sing one song here, then we will consider it!!” Sashihara for some reason imitated their manner, said “Okayyyyyy I take it!! I’m gonna sing!!!!”. After Sashiko finished her performance of “Soredemo Sukidayo”, her debut single, Momo-Kuro’s Kanako Momota reacted “Well Sashihara, don’t be too scared of waiting for us to come to clash you!!”, declared their acceptance of Sashiko’s request.

About 22,000 tickets for Momo-Kuro’s 2-days concert were sold out in 3 minutes, and they announced their coming Seibu-Dome concert, which will be their biggest live with 30,000 audience.

Yubi-Matsuri is gradually becoming looking rumble-match of current popular idols. Idols from different labels, different agencies gather together perform the same event is not an usual thing given that basically this is a bonus event for Sashiko’s single. Even though Sashiko is rapidly gaining her fans for her Otaku, Dame but bold character, her intrusion into Momo-Kuro’s event triggered a critical chants online. (Unlike Nogizaka’s case, Momo-Kuro fans didn’t booed Sashiko, they were just confused.)
Even Sashiko fans comments included “Management sees Sashiko as their toy!! They are plying with Sashiko…”, with which many others agreed.
Later on the same day Sashiko said “Of course I ask management to leave ways to come to the concert without buying my single.”
But other idols’ fans reacted to this comment, said “She basically said ‘If you don’t buy my single, you can only have a bad seat.'”
So far these 8 groups will join Sashiko-produced event “Yubi-Matsuri”
  • Idoling
  • Rino Sashihara
  • Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
  • Tokyo JoshiRyu
  • Pasupo☆ 
  • WatariRoka HashiriTai7 (Mayuyu!)
  • Momoiro Clover Z
According to Oricon, the concert opned at 5:03:45 PM (Sa-Shi-Go), the show starts at 6:03:45 PM, and price for  ticket price is st at 345 yen.
Probably Sashiko will win the Battle against Nogizaka46, but people would say it’s because she used doping? Some will but not me. Sashiko is working so hard to make her solo debut and she-produced event successful. It’s a dream for her to be an idol and successful solo debut is what she needs now the most.
Yes, she has a strong back, Denstu and Ota productions (like Yuko and Acchan), but that’s not her choice. She is just trying her best to make it.