Heavy Rotarion Reached 70 Millions View, Hearwarming Moment of Nakayan and Mayuayu (NO NAME)

  May 2, 2012

AKB’s evergreen hit number Heavy Rotation has reached 70 millions view yesterday. This MV is the most viewed YouTube video of SKB48, and probably the most viewed Japanese video on youtube(I didn’t do research so if I’m wrong just ignore this line ;P). The total view of this video is increasing at the pace of 60K pet day, which means it will take 500 days to reach 100 million if it continues this pace. If you’ve never watched the video, now you have the best chance, and if you’ve seen this video before, then why don’t you renew your memory? Let’s FEEL the AKB!!

Nakayan, Suuchan(?), Harukyan, Kuumin, Karen, Sawako, Amina, Maokyun (Mao Mita of NMB), Mayuyu

Members of AKB who play voices of Anime AKB0048 attended a theatre premier (public viewing + talk event) of the Anime at Shinjuku Balt9 theatre, Tokyo. Though initially it’a announced only Nakayan attends the premier, to fans’ surprise Mayuyu and Haachan also made appearance from the start of the event.

When taken photos, Nakayan who was in the center tried to change her position with Mayuyu for press but Mayuyu, who understands fans gathered this day were mostly Nakayan’s fan, gently declined and focused on her unusual role as a side member of the subunit, NO NAME.

Prior to this event, all members of this new subunit presented to fans their cosplayer looks at shake-hand event in the afternoon on the same day. They are cosplayer as their respective characters in the Anime. Who’s your favorite? My answer may be boring but I love Karen’s round-shape wig and prince-like appearance!

Source Oricon

Nakayan, Karen, and Seiyu-san
Mayuyu, Nakayan, Harukyan