AKB0048 Got A Positive Reception Both From Ani-Ota and AKB-Ota

  April 30, 2012
Fans Reaction!! Let’s talk about the indisputable fact this Anime was better than expected!
It was better than expected. They chose nice staffs and finished very nice way.
I think this Anime can be one of the best of 2012 Anime.
Really I think it was awfully bad…. I managed to stand listening to them but they were not good…

Nakaya sounds really professional!!!
I completely can’t understand the system of succession…. What the hell is 77gen????? <-(No body doesn't get this yet.)
I think this Anime has a good tempo, and I really enjoyed it.
Karen was also good.
But I don’t think AKB element is necessary to this Anime.
They just can be girls who admire legendary idols in their space age.
I don’t think that they incorporate AKB element because they are not confident,
But because this is a story of AKB, they put their 100% to this Anime.
It’s like a propaganda movie of cult of a religion….
Especially AkiP’s part…. he finally became God lol.

It’s hard to watch this…. Everything is ruined by Karen… Other 2 are nice (Amina and Sayaka Nakaya).

I think if you don’t expect typical Anime voice, Karen did a fairy goo job.
Her voice convey her strong will.

Over all AKB members are fairy good Seiyu!!
At least they are better than recent idol Seiyu or Gihibli Seiyu….
There’s only on who stands out for her monotonous voice (Karen) but I didn’t feel it’s awkward aver all.

I now can feel easy that I found they are doing this seriously.
This Anime has every essence of Anime, it’s wonderful but story is a bit puzzle so far.

So, Tomochin (the 11th) <- this 11th means they are not AKB48? But they are described as a successor of original AKB48 in Star age?
Yeah! that’s right.
The last scene when Karen was riding on the bicycle was typical depiction which can be seen in many Anime, but it was sooooo Moe… nope, it’s exciting!

It’s no bad to apply motion capture to look it real, but it was too real that almost grotesque…
Karen is everything about this Anime?
So is this Anime supposed to be related to Tohoku Disaster?

Looks like it’s difficult to react to this Anime so far…..
I expected that the story is going to be full of AKB, so I don’t complain about it,
but still I don’t get the story itself, which direction this Anime is heading.
I’m satisfied with the fact that it made me want to see the next episode.
But motion capture is unnecessary. Full animation was better.
I also think AKB Seiyu were better than expected!! Esp Nakayan!

Nakayan used to play a voice for Anime Moshi-Dra.
I’m curious how much audience rating this Anime will get, since audience rating is a headcount…
I think it’s fairy easy to get the story if you read director’s note or that sort of stuffs. If this Anime keep leaving this level of impression, it’s gonna be a great success!
But I really don’t get why they put “love” relating scene in the 1st episode??? Nobody can feel it!?
This is an elaborately created Idol Anime and that’s what I expected.
It’s called AKB but since they are successors, they are different persons from current AKB members though they really look a like… (That made this Anime puzzling for some people.)
So why we appreciate this? Because we didn’t expect a high-quality, outstanding Anime all because there’re no huge Ads campaign which is usual of AKB. This fact affected our perception that we ‘discovered’ something really good stuff from subculture scene.
Yeah it was a right choice that I watched it without high-expectation. There’s nothing irritating about incorporation of AKB factor. It’s really well organized story I think!

This time only Karen was inexperienced as Seiyu…. But next time when other non wannabe-Seiyu members appear, I guess the quality of this Anime will be falling down quickly..
LoL despite all the expectation, Mayuyu wasn’t in this 1st episode…..
Maybe just with the excuse like ‘she is busy for other works’, she will hardly appear in all episodes of this Anime.
It’s a big surprise that Karen is a main character of this Anime!!!! Though I think she sounded that she was just reading the script. lol
I love her poor Seiyu skill, it’s like listening to a rookie Seiyu!!!
Nakayan Great as usual
Amina ◎ 
Karen LOL
Really? I think Karen was pretty good.

As Ani-Ota I think all of these 3 is doing a satisfying job!!
It looks like they did the auditions seriously and fairly.
Yes, Amina and Nakayan sound just like professional Seiyu. It’s laughably professional!!
As for Karen, given the fact she is only 13 y/o, she is the greatest of all three, I think.
Her voice has a strong sense of will and power…

Amina sounds like idol Seiyu in these days. Date-musume (Karen) was sooooooo Ghibli!!
I totally agree that Date-musume is Ghibli.
Why Anime these days always depict girls like this? Huge eyes, Big faces, Skinny bodies that look so unrealistic….
Wait! Don’t be dissing other Ota when you’re also Idol-Ota.

It’s hard to watch unless you are used to watch this kind of Moe-type Anime and get tolerance to them….

OMG Anime creator for this is great!! He made a such a quality Anime with this eccentric setting!!!
Lol it’s not AKB side but those Creators who initially stared this project. (so they wanted this eccentric (in his word) setting)

I’m sooooooo Impressed !!!!!!!!!!! They Are So GOod That I Couldn’t Figure Who’s Doing Who’s Voice Except Amina!!! THe Ending SOng Was Also Great!!!

How is your impression on this Anime so far? Personally I hoe this Anime is going to help reviving Japan’s Anime industry, which has long been in moribund condition, by incorporating professional business model from AKB….