Mariko Shionoda Doesn’t Want To Meet Her Future Marriage Partner

  April 2, 2012

Idol, Actress, Model, multi-talented Mariko Shinoda wears three three hats, and it keeps her very busy.

She said, “These jobs are not something everyone can do… so I think it’s very precious and attractive opportunity. I never thought my life was though. It maybe physically exhausting that everyday I only have 4 hours to sleep. Yeah I’m sleepy, but once sessions start, I really enjoy them. I also never thought I wanted a life. I don’t want to ask a vacation. What I’m doing is my dream job that I’ve striven to grab, I don’t want to abandon it. If it affects my present job, I don’t want a boyfriend. I never have a night life, I’ve never been to Gokon (Dating party). People often say I am living more normal life than they expect.

She can’t dare to seek a love, if it means a betrayal of fans, who are supporting her, cheering up her all the time. So she says she don’t think about marriage. It is more proper to say she is a very professional idol who works in various fields than to say just a nice, matured sister of AKB48, which is a common perception of her.

“I don’t want being messed up my life. I’m busy and have no leisure for that kind. I know myself. If I had a boyfriend, I might dedicate myself to him so much. I may even try to meet him by cutting my already-minimum sleeping hours. If possible, I want to avoid that situation, so I don’t want to meet a person I fall in love with.”

Some fans said she must be on NHK TV program called “Professionals”, which features professional who has forged their own path with their dedicated effort, and focuses on their state of mind and philosophy on their job.

So at hins point, you may understand why AKB48 has tons of loyal fans. That’s because AKB48 themselves are very loyal to fans. They are bonded with firm trust. Especially those original members, Mimani Takahashi, Haruna Kojima, Yuko Oshima, and Mariko, they are a kinds of person that suddenly act like a whore and betray fans. Why AKB48 attracts so many middle-aged businessman (it’s true)?  Because their attitude toward their job as a idol reflect on something Japanese culture especially Japanese corporate culture put supreme emphasis on. Moral, Trust, Loyalty, Teamwork, Diligence, Care others, Be humble, and also one global value. Be nice to the people.

By the way, this interview of her generated fans cry of sympathy that if it’s Mariko, nobody feel they are betrayed, they rather want her to be happy…