Yuki Kashiwagi Has Secretly Been New York Mets Mascot

  April 2, 2012

We didn’t know Yuki Kashiwagi aka Yukirin (Captain of Team B of AKB48, 3rd place in last general election) found side job in America…


Mets Mascot (Mr. Met family)

Before this identification, she was said to be Marimokkori, mascot for Masyu Lake in Hokkaido, Japan.
BTW Mokkori means…. weird pleats or sticking out you have on your pants when you have boner…

But we mean Marimokkori’s face looks like Yukirin…
Anyway at this point, we can say Mr.Met officially replaced Marimokkori, as Yukirin alike mascot. By the way, it looks like Me.Met is one of the most adorable Mascot in American Sports Industry, and does this have something to do with American’s obsession with Japanese Kawaii culture? Of course Japanese, esp younger generations, have obsession with American culture, too.

We hope Yukirin will visit Mets home venue as a member (missing daughter) of Mr.Met family next time AKB48 tours U.S.

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