Mariko Shinoda Talks About Atsuko Maeda At Press Event

  March 28, 2012

Mariko Shinoda of AKB48 confessed her thought on the graduation of Atsuko Maeda, at the press conference of American Drama series, Covert Affair, which she’s been appointed to be a special supporter.

She said Atsuko Maeda consulted her since last year. “I was consulted by her since some time ago. At that time, of course I tried to stop her. I think she gave a lot of thought on this, and as a result, she reached this answer. Actually, she was still deciding the day before the speech.”

When Shinoda saw Astuko Maeda struggling to make her thought, she tried to stop her. “I said her that I want us to be together. The day before, when I said to her ‘Can we still be together in AKB48?’ She said ‘I hope we are together forever.’ So, I thought I might have a little chance. But I let her decide. When I was listening to her speaking to audience, I was like ‘Oh she finally really does it…’ So, honestly I was shocked, but of course, it’s partly because I made up a little hope in me on her word the day before.”

“It’s not a first time she wanted to leave the group. She is a little sensitive sometimes, and care about small things. Also, as a member of AKB48, she can’t stay herself in a quiet environment. There’re always many rumors, voices, all kinds of things… I think that gave her suffering.”

Mariko Shinoda made it clear that she will never leave the group. “I never leave AKB48 unless my body gets no longer able to dance. As long as there are fans who care about me, I never quit.” while she also dropped that she has a dream to be an action actress.

Source: Sports Nippon