Yukrin Seriously Doesn’t Know Anything About Horse Racing Betting!!

  April 30, 2012
Lunch at Tokyo Big Site (Venue for Shake-Hands event on 29th)
Yurikin “I’m a too newbie in Horse Racing… I have no idea what to do… I’m almost crying… 1-5-6?? Does this mean No.6 is the 1st place??? Help me~~~”
Mariko “Yurikin, is this trifecta? (*‘ω’)I think it’s a pretty risky bet!”
Yukirin “Mariko-sama!! I come to understand what this is all about a bit  (´Д` )   I’ll go for safe bet on 18-16-11…. (笑)”
Mariko “It’s a boring bet!! You need to be more adventurous!! You’re just being too conservartive~ Pu. How about buy your birthday’s number??”
Yurkirin “Re.. really…!? Please excuse me because I’m a beginner、、(>_<) I'm going to be adventurous with Mariko-sama's advice in mind!!"
Mariko “Yukirin didn’t fall in my trap (*‘ω’)ノ
Mariko “We will suspend our Shake-Hands event for a while tomorrow at 3:40PM! (Time Tennoh-Sho starts)”

Yuko Bravely Bet All Her 1 Thousand Points On One Trifecta – AKB Gachi-Uma!