Jurina Matsui Made Surprise Appearance At Mariko’s Birthday Celebration Festival In AKB Theatre

  April 24, 2012

As today AKB theatre held celebration festival for Mariko Shinoda’s birthday, Jurina Matsui made surprise appearance in the festival. In the festival, Yuko read a letter to Mariko, which made Mariko shed tears. Nyannyan was also there. The reason Jurina made a short appearance (even though it was around 21:00, which for 15 y/o Jurina not safe time to work) is because Mariko sent her letter to Jurina at her birthday celebration festival.

Here is a letter from Mariko to Jurina.

One day all of sudden when 11 y/o Jurina appeared from Nagoya as Senbatsu for Ogoe Diamond, honestly we didn’t know how to communicate with you.
But you were so hating to lose even though you were a child, and energetically followed us without any complaint or negative words. As I was seeing you being homesick after all the work in Tokyo, I thought I wanted to protect you, I wanted to do what I can do for you..
Four years after that time, now you turned 15. Pressure as Ace of SKE, competition with Rena-chan, who are your rival and teammate, responsibility to make SKE bigger, you’re feeling a lot of these and other things on your shoulder. I want you to say going easy.

You feel suppressed if you try to do everything perfect. Realizing you are not perfect is what meant to become an adult. If your luggage is too heavy, then carry it with your teammates. Finally, limit kissing to decent amount ^^ To my cutest sister in the world, Happy birthday. fFrom Mariko Shinoda.

Mariko Shinoda – 21:16 – Mobile – 一般公開 
I sent a letter for Jurina’s birthday celebration festa( *`ω´) 
It about to time it ends. Jurina Happy Birthday♪
After this event, Jurina’s fan thread had been subtitled “Mariko’s heart” for a while to express gratitude to Jurina’s big sister.

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