Yukirin Released Her 2nd Photobook ‘Yu, Yu, Yukirin…’

  April 24, 2012
Yukirin-san held shake-hands event at a bookstore in Tokyo to commemorate the release of her new photobook “Yu, Yu, Yukirin…” on 24th Apr. Surprised by the warm reception from 1,500 fans gathered there, she smiled and said “It’s amazing. I’m surprised.” in usual laid-back tone. She said to be one of the forefront of the next 4th general election. Looking back last year’s election, she said “I truly realized what it means to be a member of AKB, and I was allowed to have had such a great and wonderful dream.” On the upcoming June election, which last year’s No.1 Acchan announced her leave from the election, she said “If it’s what my fans aspire, I want to see a higher position. After being 3rd place, I have seen Acchan and Yuko more closely this year, and I felt their power more than ever. So I can’t say ‘I want (to be a center)’ in a big voice.” still keeping soft but gave a glimpse of her ambitious goal.
This photobook came after 2 & half years from her first one “Izyou Kashiwagi Yuki deshita!”, and it’s creation is directed by a famous creative director Michihiko Yanai. To close up her on and off, the photoshooting session had done in various situations from Yuga, cooking, driving, date in amusement park, Onsen trip in her home land Kagoshima and events in Taiwan and HK, in which she she wore about 50 different cloths and costumes.
Pre-order has already exceeded 150 thousands, and today there’re 1,500 fans gathered to see her. She gave a comment on her own new photobook, said “When my first photobook was released 2 and half years ago, it’s my first time to experience Gravure and I looked just inexperienced. This time, like I went to my home town Kagoshima for 2 days, I think I could show my relaxed, unpretentious faces.”
She will also hold solo live concert on 13th July. Lottery ticket for this live event comes with the new photobook. Since unlike Mayuyu, she hasn’t yet debuted solo act, she said “I can’T believe I’ll hold solo concert before I even haven’t yet debuted solo. I am trying my best that fans will later say ‘That event was Kami(神)-event.'” 
Yukirin’s new photobook Yu, Yu, Yukirin…. is a 160 pages about A4 size photobook and on sale for 18USD (1,500JPY).
Yukirin became a bit skinny??