From Two channel’s fan thread

Title: The Worst Surprise Ever
Offence Power(AP): 3,000
Defence Power(DP): 2,500
Type: Effect
Note: All Ota in the field suddenly start to criticize management
(Parody of SSA’s surprise announcement of Jurina to join team K and Milky to join team B, which allegedly said to have triggered Jurina’s medical leave)

Title: Manatsu Mukaida
Race: Strawberry
Note: Her favorite food is Strawberry

Title: Bloodcurdling Shinoda
Type: Effect
Note: Increase AP by 2,000 when Moeno Nitoh is in the opponent’s field

Title: Walky
AP: 2,500
DP: 2,500
Type: Sycro-Monster Card
Note: I myself had a joy to leave NMB
(Parody of Milky’s ambitious personality and her join to AKB team B)

Title: Strip
Note: Increase Atsuko Maeda’s money collecting power by 3,000 point
(Parody of haters of Acchan criticized her of releasing revealing shot in her photobook that she did it to win the election)

Title: Kokai Shokei (execution in public)
Note: When there are multiple monster cards of more than 6 stars, other monsters of less than 6 stars are sent to grave
(Parody of one of the most useless buzz word “Kokai Shokei”, describes an occasion when we see the cruel contrast and difference of beauty-level)

Title: Gyou-zanon
Note: Kanon Kimoto + Gyouza =Gyou-Zanon, non non three stars non♪
Gouza=餃子=Jiaozi (Japan’s favorite Chinese food)

Title: Oideyo PTA (Parents and Teachers association)
Note: Force opponent’s monster card in reserve to appear in field in attack mode.
(Parody of Nogizaka’s banned flip-skirt choreo part for “Oideyo Shampoo”, which allegedly caught attention of PTA)

Title: Dead Eyes’ Messi Dragon (Juri Takahashi)
AP: 3,000
Race: Doragon
Note: Team 4’s rising dragon. Dead eye lazor shot from her dead eyes burn all enemies.

Title: Flying Get
Note: Can only be used when Acchan or Yui (Yui Yokoyama) is in field. Get a control over one opponent’s monster.

Title: W-Matsui
Note: Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui. Make it possible to attack two times in one turn.
(SKE’s W-Aces)

Title: Zindy coming back from dead body mountain
Note: When this monster was sent to grave, you can summon this in your field in defense mode.
(Parody of Cindy, the former member of SDN48, who was announced her tentative join to Warota when SDN48 ended.)

Title: Coward – Sashiko-shocker
Note: As long as this monster is in your field, it makes trap and effect ineffective.

Title: Sennichimae, Namba
Note: As long as this card is in the field, monsters of NMB race increase their AP by 1,000
(This is the entrance of NMB theatre, Sennichimae, Namba)

Title: Hawks Town Mall
Note: Same as above except this is effective for HKT race

Title: Sunshine Sakae
Note: Same as above except this is effective for SKE race

Title:  Don Quijote Aihabara shop
Note: Same as above except this is effective for AKB race

Title: Amazoness Okaro (Sayaka Akimoto)
Note: Created from Ritual of Banana (Okaro often taken photo of her eating Banana). When this monster is summoned, all monsters in the opponent’s field will be destroyed

Title: Ritual of Banana
Note: Required to summon Amazoness Okaro.

Title: Surprise attack from Nilonni
Note: Can be used only when there’s Yui Yokoyama in the field. Destroy one monster in the opponent’s field and render damage of the monster’s AP to the opponent player.
(Nilonni is the rare animal Yui created.)

Title: King of Destroyer from Dateh (= old name of Sendai, Miyagi)
Note: Young samurai from Dateh, who loves local specialties from her hometown. Possessed a pure heart like Hirose-river (in Sendai)
(Parody of Karen Iwata of team 4)

Title: No Source!
Note: To render severe damage to those who made an source-less argument. Show me perfect source.
(Parody of ‘No Sauce’, Yukirin’s remark when she sweared to Ton-Katsu prince )

Title: Brave Heart
Note: Only Monster Moeno Nitoh can equip. Make attacks from monster of higher level than itself ineffective for 3 turns.
(Refer to Bloodcurdling Shinoda)

Title: Sayaka Yamamoto
Note: Ace and Captain of NMB. Dance, Singing, Acting, she is the best of everything among all members of AKB family