Gree releases Limited Edition AKB48 photo cards

  March 24, 2012

The popular social game on Gree, named “AKB48 Stage Fighter” released limited version of photo cards it’s members to cerabrate that it’s reached two million registered users. In Stage Fighter game had held the competition for the starring role of new commerial for this game since 28th Dec, last year. After the fierce voting battle, Oshima Yuko got the main role and 7 others won supporting roles for her.  In addtion to the release of photo cards, those who access to the game can get special photo cards of these girls who ended top 8 in the competition, in which they are wearing the same costumes in the commercial, for free.

The commercial will be delivered in two verions, one with Oshima Yuko as a main role, and the other with featuring all 8 members who won top 8 positions in the competition. This commercial also featured AKB’s new song “君のために僕は… (Kimi no tame ni boku ha – For you, I… )”. The specific release date of the song is yet to be dropped.

By the way you may want to ask a question, “Are these cards real, like Pokemon cards, or virtual?”. I don’t know the answer, but it look like this game is a online card collecting, or card battle game, so chances are… they’re virtual. If you want the real one, you can get from AKB official trading cards collection. You can also get them at convenience stores in Japan.

(Source: various websites in Japanese)