“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Kawaii ha Seigi

There’re So Many Photos That Prove AKB48 Kato Rena Is A Serial Kisser

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Wingom’s Instant Japanese Lessons: 1 – Owarai Combi


Hi! Wingom here! To kick things off, I’ll start with something we’ll all see when appreciating our idols; the “Owarai Geinin” (お笑い芸人) or the comedians in the entertainment industry. The

New 48 Franchise 'Toriizaka46' will debut under Sony Music Entertainment in August, Japanese media reports


Ikuta Erika of Nogizaka46 strikingly resembles Horikita Maki


SKE48 Matsui Rena announces her graduation from the group at the end of August


10 June 2015 – (most of) the fandom woke up to a shocking headline printed by Nikkan Sports. From the morning's issue of Nikkan Sports: "Matsui Rena of SKE48 is

SKE48 Matsui Rena will not be participating in AKB48 41st Single Sousenkyo ( & Blog translation )


Just one simple, unexpected tweet from SKE48 / Nogizaka46’s Matsui Rena earlier today is enough to shock the whole 48 fandom. 皆さんにお知らせがあります。 今年のAKB48の選抜総選挙に立候補しません。 自分なりに皆さんとたくさんの喜びを共有できるよう、これからも頑張っていきますので応援よろしくお願いします。 — 松井玲奈 (@renampme) March 24, 2015 Tweet translation

[ Bunshun ] Nogizaka46’s Matsumura Sayuri public kiss scandal with a married man as reported by Shukan Bunshun


This article was published on Shukan Bunshun’s (週刊文春) website on 2014/10/07 18:00. A popular member of Nogizaka46 –a group inside the AKB Group that holds high the principle of innocence–

Nogizaka46 x HKT48:「Kanmuri Bangumi Battle!」starts airing!


The new collaboration show between Nogizaka46 and HKT48 started yesterday and already there is already hype among the fans! This 1-hour show is divided into two half-hour shows, each one

Genius Hack: Nogizaka46 Ikoma Rina revealed the secret to prevent Panty Flash


Professor! Could you please teach me how to prevent panty flash during stage performance? Yes, we need to know that cause our team doesn’t have Kitagawa Kenji! Nogizaka46 Ikoma: Do

Which Female Group is Nogizaka46? → Many people mistook SKE48 with Nogizaka46


Something weird happened during the today's broadcast of All Star Kansyasai Quiz (オールスター感謝祭クイズ). And it's stirred up a fuss among 48 group fans. When a quiz asking of total 4

If Nogizaka do Swimsuit Gravure, they will easily overtake NMB48


” Almost for sure!! ” Oh come on… NMB’s Oppai is not something you can  easily defeat… I don’t think Nogizawa has such powerful boobs… ” In the past, there

MV of Mayuzaka 46 ”Twin tail ha Moushinai” turned out to be godly


““Twin tail ha moushinai” by Mayuzaka46http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI4Mzk3NDYw.html “There was a time that AKB used to make such brilliant MVs…. “Both Mayu and Nogizaka are cute… They are so brilliant… “ It’s

Public Sassiharassment (and 3other topics on Mayuyu, Nogizaka46 and Pachinko AKB)


Sweet Adult Mayuyu “Mayuyu’s fashion term dictionary “letter F” I got sweet~!! (sweet: Title of woman’s magazine)Mayuyu shows her maturity, beauty and cool image in the magazine.Mayuyu’s eyes have a

Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair!!! (and 2other topics on Mayuzaka and Paruru)


(News Flash) Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair “Because I’ve got bored with it. 2012-07-12 21:57:58In order to make a clean startI darkened my hair which had long been

Nogizaka Joins 1st Yubi-Matsuri Produced by Rino Sashihara


“LOL So Nogizaka46 also join Sashihara-produce Yubi-Matsuri.And application period is only 5 days!?lol“Did it already start??I can’t find any update on Nogizaka’s offocial website.“Starting time of acceptance of application is 12:00AM tomorrow. Here

Glory and Tears of Rino Sashihara


Rino Sashihara has now become one of the top members of AKB48 as she ranked in 4th in the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo just as everyone expectedBut according

Reika Sakurai, Captain of Nogizaka 46 Expects Rino Sashihara Will Be In 2nd Place In the Election


Popular idol group Nogizaka46 made an appearance at Fashion event Smart x Mini Osyare Gakuensai hosted by Takarajima publishing. The group performed 3 songs including the title track of their latest single

Rino Sashihara-Nogizaka46 Peace Treaty Signing Ceremony


A signing ceremony of a peace treaty between Rino Sashihara and Nogizaka46 were held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba today on 11th May. This event is held to commemorate the end of