Nogizaka Joins 1st Yubi-Matsuri Produced by Rino Sashihara

  June 4, 2012

LOL So Nogizaka46 also join Sashihara-produce Yubi-Matsuri.
And application period is only 5 days!?lol

Did it already start??
I can’t find any update on Nogizaka’s offocial website.

Starting time of acceptance of application is 12:00AM tomorrow.
Here we announce that Nogizaka46 will join 1st Yubi-Matsuri produced by Rino Sashihara held on 25th June at Nippon Budo-Kan.

In order to acquire tickets for this even, you’ll need to apply the lottery.
Please submit your application through URL below. 

Oh thanks!! We finally got source!

So Sassy’s best friends will join her event!!
That’s really nice!

-Comment from Nogizaka

Captain of Nogizaka46:
“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.
Last time we were rivals each other, but this time we will join as her best friends, and will fully support her  and her event Yubi-Matsuri.
But please treat all of us to Yakiniku before this event!!”

Captain, give up Yaniniku lol

Give up Yakiniku~~~!

But… I want to see Sassy take out big cash from her wallet…. lol

So they’ve come this far, why don’t they put this Yakiniku on AkiP’s tab lol

I think most probably Sassy already forgot that promise (article of the peace treaty) lol

Captain Sakurai…. you made such a great comment!!

So how about send a request to do this Yakiniku party in Nogizaka46’s namesake TV show!!

Yesterday, when I shook hands with Sassy, I told her that I won the lottery for Yubi-Matsuri, but she didn’t tell me about Nogizaka’s participation…..

How come you assumed she will tell you this (surprise news).. lol

But with this many music acts join this music festival, I’m worrying that 3 hours may not be enough.

I remember that Budo-Kan is very strict about closing time of events…

Delivery of Yahoo news!!!

Yubi-Maturi produced by AKB48 member Rino Sashihara welcome new guest act, Nogizak46, her old rival and now best friends.

Comment from Reika Sakurai “We received text message from Sashihara-san! We will join as her best friends, and will fully support her  and her event Yubi-Matsuri. “

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Rino Sashihara-Nogizaka46 Peace Treaty Signing Ceremony 

LOL So she asked Nogizaka through text message, though she asked MomoClo and Idoling!!! in person.

But because they are best friends, don’t you think it’s alright?

I think that’s because Nogi and Sassy are considered best friends lol

You know, we still don’t know whether they are really good friends or it’s just a setting of a story, but even though it was a setting, we’d better fully enjoy it! lol

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