Reika Sakurai, Captain of Nogizaka 46 Expects Rino Sashihara Will Be In 2nd Place In the Election

  May 28, 2012

Popular idol group Nogizaka46 made an appearance at Fashion event Smart x Mini Osyare Gakuensai hosted by Takarajima publishing. The group performed 3 songs including the title track of their latest single Oide Shampoo.

Because Sashiko has been so busy lately, Nogizaka46 members haven’t met her since the peace treaty signing treaty held at their joint Shake-Hands event. But when asked about her own forecast for the ongoing AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, Reika Sakurai, (tentative) captain of Nogizaka46, answered “Because we are treated so well by Sashihara-san, and some members are fans of Mayu Watanabe-san, I’m expecting that Mayu Watanabe-san place 1st and 2nd for Sashihara-san. And…. as a captain I want Takamina-san to follow them in 3rd place.”

Promises they made with Sashiko at the ceremony haven’t realized yet, they confessed. “Fist of all, I want to ask her to treat us all to Yanikiku (BBQ), then we’ll ask her mail-address!!”, Reika said.

Kana Nakata
Reika Sakurai
Rina Ikoma
Sayuri Matsumura