Cluv Tomo: Tomomi Itano Holds Question Session With Fans

  May 28, 2012
Q &  A during the photo and question sessions at Club Tomo, the event commemorating the release of her 3rd single Junengo No Kimie,
Q. What do you think will you be doing 10 years later?
A. 10 years later…. I will be 30 years old then, but I wish I would continue what I’m doing now. I want to hold a solo concert, and get a car license.
I hope I will have become a nice lady then.
Q. I like your personal choice of clothes we can see at Shake-Hands events. What’s your favorite brands?
A. I live Aura Aia in Nakameguro. You know, there’s a river near the station. Oh it’s Meguro river lol The store is near the river, but I can’t explain the detail so please check by yourself.
Q. What words from fans make you the happiest at Shake-Hands events??
A. Words? I don’t think of particular words, but I feel happy when fans happily express their surprise like “Woww!! It’s Tomochin!!” when we meet for the first time. I like smiles or surprised faces of fans.
Tomochin concluded the session by saying “I enjoyed this my first question sessions at solo event so much . I felt relieved that people are softer and kinder than “real” press people lol”
“But 5 minutes for one session is too short…. I wanted to hear more questions from you…
This program was produced by Yasushi Akimoto, so please send your complaint to Yasushi lol”

Source Sankei

Tomochin on twitter
We finished with Cluv Tomo(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
That was an awesome live show♡ Thank you all for coming!!(^ ^)♡ I want to hold this event soon again!!”

Sayaka Nakaya “Good nightΘωΘ*”
While we are so happy for Tomochin and her fans that they are really enjoying her solo events, Anime AKB0048 perplexed us enough as they brought really old  (and nasty) gag about Tomochin.
I understand the mottoes for Tomochin family, but don’t get that every Tomochin has the same faces….
Mottoes for Tomochin(s)
1. Tomochin must have high sense of beauty
2. Tomochin must have poor taste in cuisine
3. Tomochin must be hard-working
4. Tomochin must be good at makeup
5. Tomochin must….