Nogizaka46’s Shake-Hands Event In Osaka Is Reminiscent of AKB’s Early Days

  April 29, 2012
Nogizaka 46 fans reported their Kobetsu Sheke-Hands event is quite deserted in Osaka where NMB48 is also holing their Shake-Hand event in the same venue, Intex Osaka.
The surprise is that even Mai-yan (Mai Shiraishi) and Ikoma-tan (Center of Nogizaka) has sometimes no fans waiting in their lanes. Since there are long lines some fans tried to spend more time with Mai-yan ended up being detached from her by Judo-throw of a guard. According to some fans live-report, Mai-yan’s lane had about 50 people on average while Nanamin’s lane had about 40. On the other part of this venue NMB’s milky has endless line in her lane, and total number of fans in this event for nmb is about 4 times as large as Nogizaka7s, one fan reported. By the way, on this Saturday, Tomochin of AKB48 also held her concert in Osaka, which may have contributed for this disaster. 

According to fans, usually the group7s Shake-hands event in Tokyo gathers more fans than this, but that is partly because this venue in Osaka is much bigger than Tokyo’s venue which makes it looks more depopulated.

The next day, which is today, Nogizaka is holding nationwide shake-hand event in Osaka, but it’s also reported there are few people.

Since this group hasnn’t yet had nationwide exposure through TV or radio, and since they held this event on the same day as NMB48, this result is naturally expected. Another bashing to Nogizaka46 is while AKB48 at least presents live-concert at nationwide shake-hands event not to get fans bored, this group has never held live-show in front of fans except recordings for TV shows.