AKB Car Club was interesting than expected!! Acchan is so cute and sexy as she turned 20, becoming an actress!
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AKB Car Club Starts Airing 28th This Month Featuri…

Toyota Sponsors New TV Program “AKB48 Car Club”
A Hentai fan (<-lie) made this footage just to make sure you can concentrate on Acchan's boobs lol

This TV program has started from the offer from Toyota that if Acchan appears in the show the company will sponsor it. It is supposed to promote young people to get car-license and enjoy driving cars.
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AKB car club 28th Apr 25:35~25:50
This program has started from Acchan’s remark “I want to drive a car”. We closely follow AKB48 car club for which Minami Minegishi serves as a captain and deliver the footage how members of AKB will get their car license amidst their super busy schedules. They also host a guest who has a car license and to be introduced guest’s recommendation spots to visit by car.

Cast: Minami Minegishi (Captain), Rina Chikano(Vice Captain), Atsuko Maeda, Haruka Nakagawa, Aki Takajo, Chisato Nakata, Sayaka Nakaya, Natsumi Matsubara, Sayaka Akimoto, Miku Tanabe, Moeno Nifuji, Reina Fujie, Haruka Ishida, Natsuki Satoh, Mariya Suzuki, Yuko Oshima, Misato Nonaka, Shihori Suzuki, Kaori Matsumura, Yuka Masuda, Yumana Takagi(SKE), Nana Yamada(NMB)