Release Info: Photobook of SKE’s 2 Dimension Club, AKB48 Documentary DVD

  April 18, 2012

AKB’s documentary film “DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on Syoujotachiha Kizutsukinagara Yumewomiru” and SKE48’s photobook “Houkago 2Dimension Doukoukai” will be released on 20th Apr.

According to official description of the DVD,

Behind the glamorous stage, was the fierce backstage of the top idols of AKB48.

This documentary closely followed the hidden battle of the never-stop-running girls

★Directors’ cut of DOCUMENTARY of AKB48+1  

The TV program aired on 23 Jan 2012, which is good introduction for beginner fans but also a great coverage for core fans, is in the DVD with extra footage.

★Documentary edition of MV of the main theme song “Fast Rabbit”
The director of this DVD, Eiki Takahashi, created the original MV by putting pieces from extensive amount of documentary cuts.

★Members photograph (Randomly selected) 
Format Color, Dolby, Widescreen
Lnaguage: Japanese
Region code: 2
Length: 121 minutes

Now let’s see the SKE’s Photobook. According to the official description (on Amazon),

This Photobook captures a close look of “2demension club”, SKE’s club for those 2 dimension stuffs such as Manga, Anime and Games. This is the first photobook of SKE 2Demension club, whose members include Rena Matusi, Akane Takayanage etc.

From the afterschool  scene of the club to cosplay photos, which was on the series column “2dimension course for adults” in the Magazine Saizo, it also comes with a roster sheet, which all members’s names are on it. Members also conduced the special dialogue with secret stars (Animator, Mangaka, Game producer) of 2dimension industry, making this book filled with their 2dimension love.

Sandonomeshiyori Anime ga Daisuki!――(teamKII/Airi Furukawa)

Other members of 2 dimension club are

Sawako Hata, Kumi Yagami, Kanako Hiramatsu, Siori Iguchi, Jurina Matsui, Tomoka Wakabayashi, Rumi Katoh, Yuria Kizaki, Miki Yahou and Yuka Nakanishi