July 4, 2015

Wingom’s Instant Japanese Lessons: 1 – Owarai Combi


Hi! Wingom here!
To kick things off, I’ll start with something we’ll all see when appreciating our idols; the “Owarai Geinin” (お笑い芸人) or the comedians in the entertainment industry.

The Japanese word “Owarai” (お笑い) generally means a humourous story or joke, or just comedy.

The phrase “Owarai Combi” (お笑いコンビ) (short for Combination) simply means a comedic duo. And for the 48 group, the ones that have been there since the very start are the comedic duo “Bad Boys”(the hosts for AKBINGO!).

Another phrase you may encounter is “Pin Geinin” (ピン芸人) which is a comedian who works on his own.

Thanks for checking this out! I’ll be back… when I think of something else to post… 😛