SNH48 prevented Japanese media from unveiling the press event to remove Japanese factor, and More Details of SNH48

  October 16, 2012

They are so cocky even though it’s obvious that they won’t sell that much and will never buy Japanese products

Visa issue plus this news….. Miyazawa Sae’s transfer has become even more unrealistic.

Actually amid the deteriorated relationship between the two countries, I think they had no choice but get rid of all Japanese.

I just mind how they’re gonna do with 2 Japanese who will be transferring to SNH48!!!

If they name  their team, team Sll, you can see the influence of Japan, so they will definitely name it team S.

Creating AKB’s sister group in China? China? Akimoto is an idiot.

Even staff has been excluded lol

So now they have made it clear that not only they will market SNH48 as a Chinese idol group, but they are even getting rid of the Japanese factors.

Sae and Mariyanne shouldn’t go there, and can’t go there.

AND It doesn’t make sense for SNH48 to perform AKB48 songs.

Now is the time for AKB48 to take the hardest stance agaist Chinese who never honor the deal.

Chinese people, just MAKE ORIGINAL SONGS lol

Yasusu…. what will you do to deal with this…..

Without postponing the project, you let the project proceed despite the increasing difficulties.

I have the impression that management is making a very risky bet…. Anyways, it’s almost definite that Sae and Mariyanne’s transfer will be cancelled.

If they exclude the Japanese image, SNH48 will become more like copy of the Japanese culture lol

Looking at how Chinese Ota react to this farce, I think this will ultimately lead to an Ota Revolution.

I’m afraid if Miyazawa and Mariyanne ever go China, they might encounter a situation where they would be asked if whether or not the Senkaku islands are part of  Chinese territory…

It’s worse than we expected…

I would expect some jeers from the heated Anti Japan Chinese people,

but at least it’s not so serious that the Chinese AKB Ota can’t protect the girls.

I’m amazed by the fact even Sae and Mariyyanne can’t enter China lol

They will change the song titles of AKB48 into Chinese-style titles.

For example RIVER will be changed to Yangtze.

First of all, Sousenkyo is a concept that is inherently incompatible and unacceptable for the communist party.

I don’t think SNH48 would ever become something different from 48 groups,

Chinese Ota will continue supporting them…..

Even conservative and slow companies have gradually realized “China Risk” that they never keep promises, it’s nonsense to launch business model mainly sustained by record sales in China lol

Songs will be copied, CD will be pirated, Handshake tickets will be fabricated…

That’s expected when it’s lead by Office 48…. I guess none of clever guys from Dentsu, AKS or Japanese record labels have leading role in this project…

Honestly I think they should take a proper action before any serious accident will happen to SNH…

They, inevitably, will be considered to be something to do with Japan and it’s unrealistic that they can thoroughly remove Japanese factors from their performance, plus they will definitely, accidentally or not, make some comments regarding AKB48.

Considering the situation even Wang Lee Hom was slammed just by tweeting about his purchase of Nikon’s camera, you don’t deny the possibility that protesters or rioters will intrude into the SNH48 theater, raping and killing girls and fans as a sort of Example.

↑I think the SNH girls shocked, too, or more shocked than us as they’ve been doing this audition, clearly hyping it as the audition of AKB48’s sister group.

They rejected this cute girl, who is also enormously popular among Chinese fans because she doesn’t have money and connection that is required to pass the audition.

This is such a waste of talent! We should take an action bring her to Japan and join AKB48!!!!

↑I though this is the girl who will change the hatred among Japanese fans against China…..

Damn….. I can’t forgive them….


↑When you take a look at SNH48’s official page, you’ll find they’re looking for “Managers”, “Composer and Songwriter”, “Dance trainer”, “Voice trainer”….

They are hiring all staffs actually. 

↑Due territorial dispute which even doesn’t exist from Japanese point of view, they completely refuse any control ove SNH48 by AKS, at least outwardly.

It’s impossible not to imagine the communist party ordered them something…

↑x2 All of those roles are very important to carry out the project, and they are still hiring them at this late date….!? Or they are just lazy to update the website?

Probably all of Japanese staffs couldn’t get working VISA.

Because recently many of Japan-China friendship events in China went nowhere because the government reject to provide VISA for Japanese, it’s understandable if this is the case for AKB, too.

I searched through Baidu and it’s has become almost an established fact that Miyazawa won’t go China.

It’s spread through Chinese online sphere as a leaked information from SNH48’s management.


↑There’re diverse types of comments on Baidu, some say Miyazawa’s transfer is already cancelled by SNH48’s management, while some say they’re still trying to work around the issue like Visa or deteriorated Japan-China relationship, and to join back to Japanese teams is the last resort when they can’t help it.

They don’t provide VISA.

Chinese Tax Bureau didn’t admit that AKB receive profit through SNH’s performance.

In the end, Office48 only sold “License” of 48 group and the joint project itself has ended.

Then SNH has no future to expand itself…

They won’t be invited to 48 groups’ concert unlike JKT,

They’ll have nothing to do with Sousenkyo,

They won’t appear in Japanese TV shows and can’t perform AKB’s setlists.

So they will be a completely different group that has nothing to do with Japan.

As many of you already notice, political issue is just a disguise to get rid of Japanese parties from this money game…

I’m not sure whether Sae-chan has been keeping up with the news on political dispute affecting Japanese entertainment in China, but she shared a message to SNH48 on Weibo…

↓ Sae shared the same comment on Chinese twitter, weibo

Miyazawa Sae (Weibo) 10/16/2012 17:14

SNH48 memebrs, My hearties congratulation!!

The new start, let’s work together from now on\(^o^)/



I don’t understand why they want to create SNH48 at this later date.

They already have AKB98, the idol group that is not associated with AKB48.

If they want to make something original, why they even choose to join 48 group?

It’s obvious they just want to STEAL know-how,  business model and copyrights of AKB48 lol

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