AKB48 Members who can rock hats! Sae, Jurina, Rena, Sashi, Mii etc. Who is your choice?

  October 16, 2012

You can share photos of members with any type of hats on this thread!!!

First, Umechan from Dakishimecha Ikenai!!

Next, Oshima from Gingham Check.

Uchida Mayumi aka IWA

I think beret hats like these ones suit Sashihara.


Okaro wears hats for almost all unit songs she's in.
Gomen'ne Jewel

Kimi ha Pegasus

Mushi no Ballad

Only Ricchan can rock this yellow hat as if she were a new pupil at an elementary school!!!

As for Jurina and Rena, the straw hats they were wearing in “Gomen'ne Summer” have left a strong impression in me.

Umechan from Gingham Check!

↑It's very rare to see AKB members wearing baseball cap like this one.

Though many of members who are baseball fans love to wear them on many occasions.

↑I must say Masuda wins in this genre by a decisive lead…. lol

※Masuda Yuka is a hardcore fan of Hanshin Tigers

Several members wear hats in their  profile photos.








Kitazawa Saki

I have an image of Shinoda with straw hat in my head.



Though she is a graduated member, Acchan as Tomato is essential for this thread, I think.

Oshima Yuko from Nakinagara Hoho'ende

I love that one song from A5th where Acchan wears a fluffy white beret hat.

I love songs like Gingham Check or Dakishimecha Ikenai where only the Center put on a hat. It's as if it was a privilege given to them.

↑I think we should include Ue kara Mariko in that genre?


  1. Natskie Chan says:

    lol the author is maybe a hat fetish, but i like this article too.

  2. Mario Medves says:

    Nice pics.
    I add one with Marichan, Yuihan, Tomo and Miichan.

  3. hollow says:

    nice pict and i wato add this

  4. Oh, my personal favourite will always be Saechan. She looks beautiful no matter what she has on her head!!

  5. asudja says:

    I’m gonna go full subjective on this one..
    100% saechan ftw!! yeaaaaah!!

  6. AKBree says:


  7. Sae says:

    I was gonna say everyone looks really good until I saw Sae’s pictures. O.O …and my sae’s effect just kicked in so I’m gonna vote for Sae. XD Putting my obsession with Sae aside, I think girls with short hair look cuter with hats..

  8. Maaya says:

    Yeah right. Sae-chan ftw! (^___^)